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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Status Quo October 8, 2016

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

There was an ad on the radio recently for yet another Status Quo farewell tour, this time their ‘Last Night Of The Electrics’ European and UK tour . I laughed saying that they have been having farewell tours for the last 20 years and then my 16 year old son came out with the bombshell …. “Who are Status Quo?”
I was shocked that The Quo would be unknown to anyone!
In a way they are the ultimate feel good band, songs that we grew up to and that are hard to dislike.


1. WorldbyStorm - October 8, 2016

I’ve read some people seriously place them in with the whole motorik scene, all the repetitive guitars, etc. There is something very steely about their sound. Agree, kind of a fun band (though I seem to recall c.1980 Prince Charles claiming them as his favourite group!).


2. rockroots - October 9, 2016

I get a perverse pleasure out of telling people that Quo are one of my favourite bands, and it’s true. If they’d only broken up in 1977 before all those years of plodding Top of the Pops hits-by-numbers nonsense, they’d be remembered as one of the greatest heavy rock bands from Britain. I recall an interview discussing Hawkwind’s wonderful drummer Simon King, who apparently would have much preferred to with Quo. It doesn’t get better than seeing the classic line-up do a few shows a couple of years ago, but Quo with Uriah Heep? I’ve already got my tickets!


WorldbyStorm - October 9, 2016

You’re a braver man than me! What would you say is their last good song?


rockroots - October 9, 2016

I’d say their double album Live Quo from 1977 was their peak, followed by a sharp decline. But they’d occasionally surprise you still – their Quid Pro Quo album from 2011 had a few decent heavy rock tracks on it, and it’s worth a listen. And there was stuff like this along the way that kind of popped up above the crud:

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3. ejh - October 10, 2016

First band I ever saw. 13 February 1981 in what was then called the Hammersmith Odeon. I can probably remember the seat number too if pushed.

They opened with Caroline.


irishelectionliterature - October 10, 2016



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