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Left Archive: For Unity and Socialism – Manifesto of the Communist Party of Ireland (1970). October 10, 2016

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This is a notable document since it is the manifesto of the then recently merged Communist parties on the island of Ireland. As the Introduction, written by Andrew Barr, Chairman, National Executive Committee of the C.P.I. notes:

The Communists of Ireland are now organised into one party – the Communist Party of IRealnd. This was the decision of the special Congress, held in Belfast on March 15, 1970, and which was composed of delegates from the Irish Workers’ Party and the Communist Party of N. Ireland.

The Manifesto herewith pushed states the basic standpoint and position of the C.P.I. on the issues which confront the Irish working class and democratic forces at the present time.

It continues:

The Manifesto declares that the British ruling class are searching for a new form of relationship with the the capitalist forces in the two parts of Ireland that would help secure a situation whereby the monopolies could go on to new successes in their profit making activities and at the same time create a position in which the whole of Ireland would be more effectively subordinated to the interests of British imperialism.

It argues that:

Unity of the Labour and democratic forces, of the small business interests, the self-employed, all those who are suffering under the pressure of the monopolies, can and must be won to counter this offensive. The unity now established in the C.P.I. points the way to a wider unity of the democratic forces for further advance in the struggle against imperialism, for national unity and independence.

In twelve pages it outlines the broad positions of the C.P.I.


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