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Enjoyed This….. October 12, 2016

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A rant against People Before Profit from Jude Collins

If anyone wants to know where People Before Profit was spawned, they need only read up on the failure of the Official IRA (“The Lost Revolution” book perhaps?) and their failure to achieve any meaningful concessions or change from the British Government. Rancid “Sticks”, who abandoned everything and accepted the legitimacy of the Orange State (collaborating with the RUC against republicans) and leaving Nationalist communities to fend for themselves against the Loyalist militias and state death squads. People Before Profit are the recycled bones of the Worker’s Party’s failed past, and it’s completely and utterly contemptible what they would misguide you into believing. But even worse, it’s farcical who they are prepared to opportunistically align themselves with for the sake of votes.

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1. Joe - October 12, 2016

“it’s farcical who they are prepared to opportunistically align themselves with for the sake of votes.”

He’s ranting against PbP for allegedly aligning with the dissos in nth Belfast over the recent agreement on parading there. If true, then I rant with him.


Ed - October 12, 2016

Given that they were calling PBP ‘two nationists’ a couple of months ago, they might not be the most reliable witnesses to that in fairness.


2. roddy - October 12, 2016

And it’s not by Jude Collins.It’s by someone called Donal something or another on Collins’s site.


3. An Sionnach Fionn - October 12, 2016

After writing substantively about the jackboot antics of GARC at Ardoyne’s contentious strip, I came under the sharp criticism of “activists” (and I use that term loosely) from People Before Profit. Now at first I found it a bit surreal – a supposed Trotskyist, “non-sectarian”, student led organisation rushing to the defence of a “blood nationalist”, virulently intolerant, quasi-fascist group like GARC…

Which, of course, is not under the control of Sinn Féin. When the rhetoric of an SF associate is indistinguishable from that of the DUP or TUV you know that there are serious questions that need to be asked.


4. sonofstan - October 12, 2016

History all over the place there. Churchill was not a tory in 1918 and Lloyd George never was


5. Jim Monaghan - October 13, 2016

Carroll and McCann must have struck a nerve. I cannot see PbP playing footise with the dissidents. I could see hem defending their human rights as the PSNI have not totally changed their ways. In fact the SWP have moved closer (in my humble opinion) to a broadly republican socialist approach. I think the issue before this one. http://www.irishmarxistreview.net/index.php/imr Allying them with the Sticks is amalgam politics at its worst. To be fair the SWP defended the prisoners and took a big role in the H-Block movement. I read Jude Collins blog from time to time. Usually interesting. There are problems with a whole load of PbP positions. These should be open to a friendly debate. T his rant is not it.


6. FergusD - October 13, 2016

But surely PBP/SWP have nothing to do with the “sticks” or the WP! They have a different political history. But let’s not let that stand in the way of a good rant.


7. roddy - October 13, 2016

A generation have grown up who know nothing of the political history of the troubles.As I said before I marched for decades alongside SWP(PBP) and the CPI and the sticks despised them..I have seen young people confuse SWP with WP ,not knowing they were implaccable enemies.And again Jude Collins did not write the article in question.


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