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Interview with Brenda Fricker October 14, 2016

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…in Hot Press. Conducted by Jason O’Toole it engages with her story and in particular her experience of depression. And for any of us with any experience of that or those who have or suffer from it clearly it can be all encompassing. Fricker’s life is quite fascinating. From Dublin, her parents were respectively teacher and journalist and it was that latter area she was first attracted to. And yet, she…

…switched to acting when she was offered a part in the 1960s urban TV soap, Tolka Row. Brenda went on to have a very successful acting career. She is best known to TV viewers for her role in the hospital drama Casualty. More importantly,
she made cinematic history when she became the first Irish woman to win an Oscar for her role as Christy Brown’s mother in Jim Sheridan’s powerful My Left Foot.

Some may recall mention of her here not that long ago in reference to the part she had in Quatermass in the late 1970s.

Anyhow she recently retired. One particularly interesting aspect of the interview is the following:

In a recent Hot Press interview, Minister John Halligan told me of plans to table a bill in the Dáil on the contentious issue of euthanasia. He will have a vocal supporter in Brenda. Assisted suicide is a subject close to her heart. Terminally ill or even technically healthy, she told me she wouldn’t hesitate to check into Dignitas in Switzerland if she ever decides she wants to end her life.
”I believe even if you aren’t sick, if you feel you’ve had enough of life, that you want to go, you should be allowed to. But I don’t think that will happen here in my lifetime,” she concluded. “We should all have the right to die whenever we want to. What else do you own? Nothing. You don’t own anything at all, except your life.”

One has to suspect she’s far from alone in that view.


1. Liberius - October 14, 2016

”I believe even if you aren’t sick, if you feel you’ve had enough of life, that you want to go, you should be allowed to.

On that topic there is this yesterday from the Dutch government;

The Dutch government has announced it intends to draft a law legalising assisted suicide for people who are not necessarily terminally ill, but who feel they have “completed life.”

Specific details have yet to be worked out, however the Health and Justice Ministers have written a letter to parliament saying they feel people who “have a well-considered opinion that their life is complete must, under strict and careful criteria, be allowed to finish that life in a manner dignified for them.”

The new system would be limited to the elderly, the letter said, but no threshold age was defined.

Though the proposal isn’t universally popular;

De SP wijst het voorstel van het kabinet af om ouderen hulp te geven die hun leven voltooid vinden. De partij is bang dat de wens van een kleine groep tot druk kan leiden bij anderen die zich misschien te veel voelen voor de samenleving.

The rough gist of that is that the SP believes that this might pressure some into ending their lives by making them feel like a burden to society. I don’t really see the difference between using that as an argument in this case and the other uses of that argument to block introduction of euthanasia for the terminally ill; it’s essentially an open-ended bit of ‘concern’ without proof that it would be a substantial problem of a degree that would outweigh the benefit to people who actually do want to end their lives in a humane and comfortable manner.


Liberius - October 14, 2016
WorldbyStorm - October 14, 2016

Thanks Liberius, that’s really useful. Appreciated. I also think you’re right.


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