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New Sunday Times/B&A poll – minor changes October 15, 2016

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And you know, given that it sits largely within recent bands of polling it is essentially uninteresting. Sure there’s a bit of movement. FF and FG up but these are more or less within the MOE. And likewise others:

Fianna Fáil are up two points on 30%, while Fine Gael support climbed three points to 26%.

Sinn Féin are down one point to 17% and there is a two-point drop for Labour which now stands at 5%.


A one-point drop for the unaligned Independents leaves them on 11% and the Independent Alliance is unchanged on 4%.

The AAA-PBP drop two points to stand at 2%. The Greens are also on 2%.

Support for the Social Democrats, who have two TDs, is measured at below 1% in this poll.

The Workers Party are on 3% and Renua are on 1%.

If I were FG and FF I’d actually be quite concerned about this, because these rather minor movements suggest no great potential for a breakthrough or breakout for those parties. Or, I suppose, anyone. Yet again another poll that won’t have anyone running to call or force an election.


1. Jack Jameson - October 16, 2016

Not that I have a problem with the WP on 3% (and it is MOE territory) but isn’t it a little high for a party that has no TDs or national media profile to speak of?


Enzo - October 17, 2016

The media profile of the WP has certainly gone up a notch recently though. Mainly as a result of the battle for O’Devaney gardens.


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