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CLR Book Club – Week 8 October 18, 2016

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Here’s a question, how do we make this more interactive?


1. ar scáth a chéile - October 18, 2016

For readers of Irish the whole book is being tweeted this week



Joe - October 18, 2016

I am a reader of Irish but not a twitterer.

On the question, I think we should read it and post up comments, ideas, thoughts, impressions. And get discussion going. Can’t see what else we can do.

My difficulty is I’m a lazy reader and other stuff keeps getting in the way.


sonofstan - October 18, 2016

Nominate someone of the group reading it to put up a longish comment each week which then becomes the post for that week. Others respond etc.


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2016

These are good suggestions!


yourcousin - October 18, 2016

So basically a weekly book report per chapter from one person reading the book per week?


2. Gewerkschaftler - October 19, 2016

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa – I haven’t had time to read Interlude 2 yet. Like Joe, I suffer badly from ‘stuff’.

Yes one comment per reader per week – whoever gets there first. Then comment on that.


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