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Working hours? October 19, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

This in the IT is a piece that references recent research that purports to:

measure precisely how much more Americans work than Europeans do overall. The answer: the average person in Europe works 19 per cent less than the average person in the United States. That’s about 258 fewer hours per year, or about an hour less each weekday. Another way to look at it: US workers put in almost 25 per cent more hours than Europeans.

Fair enough, but note the phrasing here:

Americans are addicted to their jobs. US workers not only put in more hours than workers do almost anywhere else. They’re also increasingly retiring later and taking fewer vacation days.

I wonder though is ‘addicted’ the right word. Factor in ‘at will’ contracts, lack of unions, instability, an impoverished safety net and perhaps “fearful about losing” might be a more applicable term to place in the sentence ‘Americans are… their jobs’.


1. FergusD - October 19, 2016

But what about productivity? Greeks work longer hours than Germans but are less productive (due to the level of development). Brits are something like 20% less productive than most of the EU, due to poor investment, yet have worse employment practices (zero hours contracts etc) than many EU countries.


WorldbyStorm - October 19, 2016

Very true but its all about presenteeism


CL - October 19, 2016

“Some companies in Sweden are moving to a six-hour working day in a bid to increase productivity and make people happier.”


Joe - October 19, 2016

Has to be the way to go.


2. gendjinn - October 19, 2016

Unlimited PTO is another “great” idea. HR are always shocked when the employees react with horror and protest. Still goes ahead regardless.


3. Chris Fogarty - October 20, 2016

Of course, Americans ARE fearful of losing their jobs (are not “addicted” to them), and labor unions ARE destroyed. A tragedy for the U.S. and the world. I write from Chicago.


WorldbyStorm - October 20, 2016

+1 Chris


4. sonofstan - October 20, 2016

‘Taking fewer vacation days’ -,as if this were a matter entirely of choice. Generally Americans have,what?, two weeks annual leave?

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LeftAtTheCross - October 20, 2016

Get with the programme SoS, everything is a matter of rational choice don’t you know.


WorldbyStorm - October 20, 2016

There is no statutory entitlement in the US, staggering isn’t it?


irishelectionliterature - October 20, 2016

Then there’s other stuff like something like 6 weeks Maternity Leave, little or no employment security with little or no redundancy payments and so on.


Gewerkschaftler - October 20, 2016

It was two weeks when I was there, and some people felt under pressure not to take all of that.

Screw that. I left.


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