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“Clogged up” ports October 21, 2016

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Yet another problem to add to the farce. The latest wrinkle in the Brexit story.

Ministers were also warned that some ports, including Dover and Holyhead, which handle a lot of road freight, could be seriously clogged up if there were customs checks on vehicles transporting goods.
The document said that extra infrastructure required, likely to include dozens of parking spaces for lorries undergoing checks, could not physically be built in Dover because of its cliffs.

I once travelled overland from Ireland to Austria – around 1982 if I recall correctly. I well remember the longest part of the journey – seemingly – was the wait on both sides of the English Channel.

Back to the future.


1. ejh - October 21, 2016

Heh, might revitalise Holyhead though, as people have to stay overnight to get past customs and so the hotels all open again…


2. sonofstan - October 21, 2016

Most of you don’t see the UK editions of the tabloids I’m guessing; I presume the irish eds go light on Brexit news. Lies and poison daily. Now the Sun are hounding Gary Lineker for his ‘migrant lies’ – ie suggesting they might be human beings. I don’t like waving the f word around unless the subjects are sieg heiling and wearing silly uniforms, but this is getting close.


Aonrud ⚘ - October 21, 2016

As the BBC would say, “other f words are available”.


CL - October 21, 2016

“Theresa May has slapped down demands by the EU that the Brexit negotiations are conducted in French, as she rebuked European leaders for their lack of maturity.”

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CMK - October 22, 2016

Someone said on Twitter that if she is that easily riled, French diplomats are going to have fun over the next few years.

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WorldbyStorm - October 22, 2016

Saw the Lineker stuff SoS. What strikes me is, once more, all this is being treated as if the vote was 99.99 one way and .01 the other. Not 52/48. The ‘f’ word sounds about right in terms of a broader mood.


WorldbyStorm - October 22, 2016



gendjinn - October 22, 2016

The UK is the only country to notify English as an official language to the EU

If the entire UK leaves then English could cease to be an official language of the EU. If Ireland wanted to change from Irish to English they would require all other member states to agree to the change.


Michael Carley - October 22, 2016

A friend works as a translator and interpreter at the EU. She tells me plans are to retain English as ban official language.

Also, on the grapevine, it seems Scotland is negotiating terms of entry.


Gewerkschaftler - October 22, 2016

Winding up the Brits I suspect is going to irresistible to the EU side after so many years of gritting their teeth and making concessions.

Which would be amusing if so many of the British working class weren’t going to suffer in the process.

I’m not surprised that the SNP is talking with Brussels. If Sturgeon is going to run another independence campaign, she’s smart enough to know that a clear plan for re-joining the EU would be something worth to hand.


3. sonofstan - October 22, 2016

Lots of contempt in CiF and elsewhere over the Walloon parliament ‘destroying’ the trade deal with Canada. The fact that the UK voted to leave because of a perceived democratic deficit passes unremarked, when actual democratic muscle is exercised. That and sneering at foreigners with funny names.

Phoney way period coming to an end.

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Gewerkschaftler - October 22, 2016

The Guardian is appallingly superficial.

Yes the Walloons are representing their large poorish agricultural industry, which doesn’t fancy the idea of cheap beef imports pumped up on growth hormones.

But more fundamentally they are opposing the erosion of laws protecting workers and the environment, and the handing of power from democratically elected bodies to unelected courts of corporate lawyers, answerable to no-one but their corporate masters.

They also don’t like the forced privatisation and the inability to de-privatise. For example, the new Pinkish/Faded Green/Red coalition in the Berlin regional government being currently negotiated is considering taking back the electricity supply infrastructure for the city back into private hands – an option favoured by a majority of the citizens of Berlin. CETA and TTIP would make this nigh on impossible.

The hedge funds who are ploughing money into private rental rentier opportunities could take a city government to court if they built public housing for loss of earnings.

TTIP/CETA and TISA are post-democratic nightmares. But Guardian journalists can’t bring themselves to research any of this, much less report it.

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gendjinn - October 22, 2016

Because they support CETA/TPP.

I’ve been having it out with Clinton supporters the past few weeks. First it starts off denying she supports TPP but when you lay the evidence out (thank you omnipresent internet!) it transpires, sheepishly, that they support TPP AND YOU ARE A TERRORIST FOR OPPOSING TRADE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!??!?!?!


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