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HFR October 22, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Or High Frame Rate – a method of filming at higher frame rates. Ang Lee has just put out a film in 3D at 120 frames per second. This approach has earned more brickbats than accolades.
I’ve never seen one myself (I avoided visiting the cinema for the Hobbit trilogy), has anyone here? What’s it like?


1. dublinstreams - October 22, 2016

saw the Hobbit, its crisp but its looks cheap, its like 80s TV, doesn’t look as warm.


WorldbyStorm - October 22, 2016

Very interesting DS. So would you say that the detail was higher but almost too high?


dublinstreams - October 22, 2016

yes but its most to do with our trained associations of what film should look like


WorldbyStorm - October 22, 2016

I think I know what you mean, some flatscreen TVs looked a bit weird at first after CRTs.


2. Robert - October 22, 2016

I saw the first part of The Hobbit in 3D HFR and I have to say that it looked absolutely amazing. The film itself was horrendous – I’ll never watch the second two parts – but there’s no doubt that the combination of HFR and 3D was spectacular (I say this as someone who normally avoids 3D like the proverbial).

HFR by itself does look very nice – I’ve seen some stuff recorded thusly – but in and of itself all it really does is increase the bitrate for relatively little gain. It needs the 3D, I reckon, to be truly effective.


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