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An “increasingly right wing agenda”? October 23, 2016

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Hahah… classic stuff from Micheál Martin today.

Speaking in Bodenstown, Kildare, Mr Martin said that his party had succeeded in stopping many of the most damaging Fine Gael policies by blocking what he called their increasingly right-wing agenda and focus on tax cuts for the wealthiest.

He said the Government was drifting and was failing to tackle problems with urgency or ambition.

Mr Martin referred to Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar as a “PR-obsessed minister”.

On Brexit, Mr Martin said the actions of the British government had been nothing short of shambolic and its ministers had been cavalier and grossly unprofessional.

It’s not that he’s completely wrong, it’s just that he and FF have the power to do something about it – or do something a bit more than ‘blocking’ it. And yet, they don’t. Strange that – eh?


1. benmadigan - October 23, 2016

Didn’t Labour also claim they were “blocking the worst of FG” in the last Dail coalition? Look where they ended up in the last election!
Didn’t the Lib-Dems claim they were “blocking the worst of the Conservatives” when they were in coalition with them at Westminster?Look where they ended up in the last election!

message: When a political party can claim to be “blocking”right-wing party initiatives, it is not in a healthy position. Its image, support and future number of elected representatives will be seriously damaged.


WorldbyStorm - October 23, 2016



2. sonofstan - October 23, 2016

The boy who cried Wolfe Tone….

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3. fintaann - October 23, 2016

Martin lives to make soundbites for his PR team.


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