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Federalists October 24, 2016

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I’m always curious as to Michael McDowell on the issue of the EU. EU critical would appear to be his stance, and he has particular antagonism to federalists. The odd thing is that in one way I would at one point have been quite sympathetic to the latter, but my sense now is that the EU is a project best left unfinished, at least for this and some number of generations to come. For a start it is actually many projects – overlapping, partial, contradictory and at times, as we know all too well, injurious as well as of benefit.

Anyhow in the IT he notes some genuinely absurd stuff as regards some EU enthusiasts talking about an EU army. As he points out, this is a project without a purpose. For those in NATO what does any such force offer, for those outside it it remains anathema. And he notes one particularly important point:

If there was any merit in the idea it would have happened long ago under the rubric of enchanted cooperation. But strangely, part forma few low-meaning gestures nothing has happened to suggest than a EU army is practicable, still less on the way.

And this is spot on.

The EU is not a state, it does not have a sovereign government. It cannot go to war. It cannot be at war. It has no democratic authority to control an army. SO why on earth think of having one.

He suggests that some of a federal disposition see an army as a pole around which the other structures could accrete. But that is, as he says, completely perverse.


1. CL - October 24, 2016

“as a pole around which the other structures could accrete.” That was the idea behind the Euro. How did that work out?


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