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Another day, another tale of national institutions. The Seanad and the National Museum. October 25, 2016

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Yesterday we had the issue of the Mary Robinson archive and where it might fetch up. Last night came this from Aidan O’Sullivan – on the move of the Seanad into the National Museum. Got to say one would think an alternative might be found to pushing it into one of our premier national institutions.

And one doesn’t have to be precious about these matters in the slightest to think that such a course of action would be better than seeing a working living museum find its functions, at the least, impeded by this move. A working living museum that as O’Sullivan notes is seriously underfunded. And there’s more. As O’Sullivan reports:

This will clearly require a series of architectural interventions into and alterations of a protected landmark, 19th century building. Apparently, a lift is to be installed. Interestingly, the NMI has sought the installation of a lift for decades for visitors with mobility needs, for parents with small children in buggies, for the staff moving heavy archaeological materials, only to be refused.
Now with the planned arrival of the Seanad it seems a lift is possible. But the proposed lift will provide no access to other upper floor exhibitions, on the Vikings, Egypt, Medieval Ireland. Nor will it go down to the basement of the museum where the object collections are held. Will the members of the public visiting the NMI be able to use it or is it merely for the benefit of the members of the Seanad?

You’d be hard pressed to get a better example of the priorities of this state than the above.


1. irishelectionliterature - October 25, 2016

That’s astonishing! There are plenty of other places it could be put. Dublin City Councils chamber has been suggested as has Farmleigh.
Personally I would send them on tour, meeting in Council chambers across the country bringing the Seanad to the people as it were. I assume most of these chambers are wired for sound anyway.


2. CL - October 25, 2016

A museum is a place for relics so adding the Senate has a certain logic to it.

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