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Media ownership questions at the Independent group? Deploy the anti-SF/anti-socialist/anti-British/anti-liberal/anti-colonial card, quick sharp! October 26, 2016

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Fintan O’Toole’s article on the new report issued by Sinn Féin and compiled by an independent panel of lawyers on media ownership is pretty good. So good in fact that I’d recommend everyone read it.

But one thing it points up is the self-serving approach of Independent newspapers who will simultaneously play the anti-SF/anti-socialist/anti-British/anti-liberal/anti-colonial card (that’s quite some card – isn’t it?) in trying to rubbish anything that might cause them the slightest discomfort. As he notes, a subject worthy of a special feature in the SBP, articles in the IT, further articles in Guardan and the Sunday Times evinced nothing but minor comment in the SI. As O’Toole notes:

This is all perfectly legitimate opinionising, if not especially impressive reasoning. The essential point, however, is that the sum total of the information presented on this event in the Independent papers on Sunday and Monday was to the effect that Shinners, Brits, liberals and socialists (a range of targets for contempt to suit every taste) have produced a tiresome document that you, the reader, don’t need to know about.  

And what of the effects of this sort of stuff. Worth looking at the two comments below his piece (two by Tuesday lunchtime) to see the sort of sterile groupthink from some in regard to these issues. That whooshing sound we hear is the point going right over their heads.


1. CL - October 26, 2016

Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.-
A.J. Liebling.


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