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Time Flies …… October 27, 2016

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It was this day five years ago that we went to the polls to elect Michael D. Higgins (Campaign leaflets here) . What a Campaign it was and one of the dirtiest too. Did we ever think we’d see the day where Fianna Fail wouldn’t contest the Presidency? (officially at least!). I wonder did Mary Davis , Dana and David Norris relaise what they were letting themselves in for. The very late swing away from Sean Gallagher due to the final debate on RTE’s Frontline , which was one of the most amazing evenings television I’ve witnessed. This captures a part of the action..

The whole “entrepreneur” narrative from Gallagher that reflected where we were at the time. Here’s Sean Gallagher with hair from a 1984 Ogra FF booklet
Indeed I met him canvassing the night Rovers won the league out in Belfield and he kindly posted me a T-Shirt and Baseball cap and some other material from his campaign. I also met Mary Davis during the campaign where she sat in my section in Croke Park, seemed a very nice lady but ill suited to such an election campaign.
The total collapse in Gay Mitchell’s vote when he lost his deposit (and showed the hardcore FG vote to be 6.4%).
It really was a spectacle and I think we’re glad with the result we ultimately got.


1. sakhibansal - October 27, 2016

Time does fly


2. crocodileshoes - October 27, 2016

And we’re slating the Americans for -nearly- electing a right-wing, politically inexperienced president whose notoriety is based mainly on his appearance in a reality tv business show…

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3. Jemmyhope - October 27, 2016

” I think we’re glad with the result we ultimately got.”

I dunno who we is but I’m not.


4. roddy - October 27, 2016

McGuinness brought Gallagher down lest we forget but bad as he was, it’s a bit of a stretch to call Gallagher another Trump.


5. sonofstan - October 27, 2016

I dig that clip out for entertainment every now and then still. Re the entrepreneur thing; I used to think the cult was just us, but it’s as bad or worse here in England.


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