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Latest poll October 29, 2016

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And a very impressive showing for AAA-PBP in the latest RedC/SBP opinion poll as noted by Liberius here. The figures are:

Fianna Fáil 26 (-1)
Fine Gael 25 (no change)
Sinn Féin 13 (-2)
Independents 10 (no change)
AAA-PBP 9 (+3)
Independent Alliance 6 (+2)
Labour 5 (-2)
Social Democrats 3 (-1)
Green Party 3 (+1)

Liberius suggests it’s possibly the Jobstown conviction, and another factor might also be the visibility on Repeal the 8th.


1. Paddy Healy - October 29, 2016

This is more significant than a reflection of Recent events for the left and the Labour movement generally
Even taking into account the marin of error of 3%, The 9% for AAA-PBP as against the 5% for the Labour Party is historic.
If you add other anti -coalition-in principle TDs such as Seamus Healy , Joan Collins, Tommy Broughan to AAA-PBP, it is clear that the Labour Party Led by Brendan “FEMPI ANTI-TRADE UNION LAW HOWLIN” is in serious trouble
The shameful anti-Connolly heritage represented by Willie OBrien, Cathal o’Shannon, Fintan Kennedy has been overcome.
Jack O Connor should be worried. UNITE Has ALREADY Dissafilliated from Labour. SIPTU is the only institution keeping the class traitors of the Labour Party in business!!!!


2. fergal - October 29, 2016

Paddy- would you not include Catherine Connolly– in your list above? Great news for pbp-aaa, but how can people explain the rise in the IA? Have pbp- aaa been rewarded for being staunch in theor support of tram and bus drivers recently too.


3. Paddy Healy - October 29, 2016

The IA score is within the margin of error
I have good regard for Catherine Connolly
However, I only have included in my list those who have specifically stated that they will not in any circumstances support or join a coalition involving Fianna Fail And/or FG
Seamus Healy and Tommy Broughan voted for AAA-PBP motion to enhance workers rights in Dáil. Joan Collins has stated that she was mistaken not to have voted or it. All other members of Independents 4Change abstained. The Jury is out on them. Why did they not vote for a simple straight forward pro-worker motion? Were they sending out a signal?.
As is widely known on the left WUAG and I have serious differences with SP and SWP on the national question as we are Workers Republicans in the Connolly tradition.. However the AAA-PBP score in this poll is highly significant. However mistaken they may be on political issues, they have not capitulated and are seen to be organising mass opposition to austerity.
More Detailed Discussion. Irish Sovereignty and The Political Realignment of the left http://wp.me/pKzXa-ps
The agitational record of AAA-PBP should be respected. But the poll is disatrous news for Jack O’Connor, The Siptu Leadership generally and their political excrescence, the Labour Party are in serious trouble


4. Mick 2 - October 30, 2016

As a few Twitter wags quipped as the general election results came out, the Labour Party to remain viable will have to try entryism into the SWP.


5. crocodileshoes - October 30, 2016

Not sure when this poll was taken, but the AAA/PBP support for teachers in the last weeks might have helped, too.


6. irishelectionliterature - November 1, 2016

Small piece on the poll re AAA-PBP by RedC , suggests that the gain is in part due to their visibility on Repealing the 8th. http://www.redcresearch.ie/aaa-pbp-gains-just-one-off/

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