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If you want a scare this evening! And speaking of horror… October 31, 2016

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East Wall Halloween Festival 2016 – Details here.

There’s a Parade from 6pm and then a spectacular display in the sky (cough, cough) and then a dance show followed by a Haunted House (sponsored by Aldi no less). First haunted house I was ever in was at this festival about four years ago and I’ve got to be honest it was kind of creepy. And exciting. Me and horror have a mixed relationship. Anything more science fictional and I’m happy, anything tending to the supernatural and I’m not. I’ve always been fascinated by it but never enjoyed the way it gets in my head. Anyone ever read King’s Danse Macabre? Some of that stuck with me for years after. Hellraiser too. And yet watching Buffy mainstreamed it for me in ways that I’m surprised by. The other night at John Carpenter there were clips from the films shown above the band, a fair few of which I’d missed. What struck me was how taken out of context they were still fascinating but questions kept coming up in my mind like ‘how’d he do that effect?’! Perhaps getting older it has been more a case of the world can be so effing awful at times that the stuff in a book (last one I really loved was Dan Simmons Carrion Comfort, though that too could be seen as close to science fiction) or on screen hasn’t quite the same punch.

But I’ll pay my €2 and take a walk with the ghouls. It’ll be fun. Fingers crossed.


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