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Our Rising – Cabra 1916 Book Launch October 31, 2016

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Saturday, November 19 at 2:30 PM

Fitzgeralds “the Homestead”
Quarry road cabra, Dublin, Ireland 7

Our new limited edition 230 page book which profiles over 40 local men and women who participated in 1916, which covers the battle at the Cabra bridges, uncovers some great stories and even prints rare photos for the first time. Sure we even highlight the local links to the Rising in Galway and Louth.

Our guest speaker at the launch will be Liz Gillis, the noted historian and author.

Music will be by Paul Stone, a great singer of ballads.

Join us as we continue to celebrate and commemorate our local men and women who fought for freedom in 1916.

Edited by historian and author Dr Brian Hanley with contributions from fellow historians Donal Fallon and Hugo McGuinness and local resident Ado Perry.


1. EWI - October 31, 2016

Did not know who was editing this publications. You certainly kept it under wraps, gentlemen 😉


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[…] Any good books on the list for people? I’ve started on a couple myself. The late Michael Brooks ‘Against the Web’ from Zero Books (hat tip to An Sionnach Fionn for that). Pig City, a book on the Brisbane musical scene in the 1980s under the Bjelke-Petersen government. I’m also rereading the completely ridiculous but highly entertaining pseudohistory, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail which I haven’t looked at in thirty odd years. Philip K. Dick on Film is another title and thanks to JM for that. And more locally getting through the updated version of Our Rising : Cabra and Phibsborough in Easter 1916, released a few years back. […]


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