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All-wrong… November 3, 2016

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Slate’s Trumpcast here – The Alt-Right and a Deluge of Hate – is revelatory about how the alt-right has adopted Trump (or been coopted some might say). There’s an interview with an anti-Trump conservative who was attacked on social media in ways that beggar belief. He and his family and his daughter – he has a multi-racial family, suffered heinous attacks including doxing and people breaking into phonecalls with threats and abuse. The term cuckservative has been used against those conservatives who have had the temerity to oppose Trump.

I think this underscores a qualitative difference between the typical Presidential contest and this one. That a fringe of people have been emboldened by the Trump candidacy who wouldn’t in normal times by a Republican candidate (the alt-right weren’t fans of Mitt Romney or indeed GW Bush. Why would they be?). These people are – frankly, fascists and they are willing to attack any and all targets left and right. It’s also fascinating to see how those like Ann Coulter function in this.

There appear to be a few thousand very active people but beyond them are tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of less active supporters. Perhaps many more again in a diffuse fashion.

The accounts of rising anti-Semitism, racism and so forth are not business as usual, aren’t even ‘mean things on the internet’. Of course it’s not just Trump, it’s also social media, but social media has been here for a range of Presidential contests so it’s not just social media.


1. An Sionnach Fionn - November 3, 2016

The Young Turks have touched upon the anti-Semitism among a minority of Trump supporters, especially the fans of Infowars and so on. A fringe, yes, but a strongly motivated fringe.


WorldbyStorm - November 3, 2016



2. CL - November 3, 2016

“the Republican Party… is driven by white nationalism

Trump is not a random act..



3. dublinstreams - November 3, 2016

are these people doing that really trump supporters


4. Dermot O Connor - November 3, 2016

alt.right are a strange log. They are not homogenous though. Lots of ‘racial realism’ claptrap. Here’s a radio interview with KMO (of the C-Realm podcast) about the alt.right:

Here’s a strange story of the hippie ‘Evolvefest’, which has done a transformation into a neo-nazi alt.right hatefest:

And two long must-reads by Corey Pein about the alt.right and the silicon valley loopers (like Peter Thiel):

Another from the Awl:

Fascist chic:


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