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Signs of Hope – A continuing series November 3, 2016

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Cast the net wide!


1. Gewerkschaftler - November 3, 2016

The RAZEM Party in Poland is a positive development in a rather bleak Central /East European political landscape.

They are an explicitly collectivist and feminist party, with all decision at various levels taken collectively and a strict 50/50 female participation at all levels. They want to occupy a political position rather like the Polish Socialist Party between the world wars but brought up to date in terms of organising and party democracy.

RAZEM started the ‘black protest’ against the sharpening of the already punitively misogynist existing abortion laws. They were happy when a wider coalition took it up. Again a different style of politics.

Their programme is still being developed but here it is in Polish and you can use Google Translate on it. YMMV.

The sections of the existing programme include:

– The state should be on the side of the workers.
Including an interesting proposal that the minimum wage should be 15 Zloty’s per hour for long term contracts and 20 Zph for anything shorter.

– Just taxation
75% tax on incomes over 500 kZ per year.

– Public housing build by the state

– Health services for health not for profit

– Affordable education and kultur
No state subsidies for private educators

– No more Poland A and B
Poland A refers to the better educated West and city dwellers and the so-called ‘Poland B’ in the East and rural areas which has suffered even more from schock-therapy neo-liberalism.

– Another kind of politics is possible
Limited terms for all elected positions.
Right to referendums if enough signtures are collected.

– Genuine social security
Kindergartens, help for the less able, parental leave – all the normal trappings of a half-civilised life.

– The state should take an active role in industrial development

It’s a party of mainly young activists. Here’s the national board.

Reproductive rights.

LGBT rights.


Gewerkschaftler - November 3, 2016

The web site is translated in German and Russian because these are minority languages in Poland. Still.

So if you read either of these you’ll get a better idea.


2. RosencrantzisDead - November 3, 2016

Socialism is cool, again. You all should feel better about yourselves.


Gewerkschaftler - November 3, 2016

Wot – we’re suddenly hip after decades in the wilderness?

But for how long? That’s what I want to know. I don’t mind being a pair of flares that are let out of the wardrobe every decade for a few weeks, but I’m not sure about …erm… and here my knowledge of fashion is failing my metaphor – being the colour black, say.

If it’s in danger of becoming a majority sport I’ll drop for something like, I don’t know, transhumanism, in a flash.


3. benmadigan - November 3, 2016

am still alive and living in an undamaged house in central italy after 4 earthquakes of 6+ magnitude and over 22,000 smaller quakes since 24th August last.
The second worst as far as I was concerned occurred last Sunday – Nearby villages and small towns were totally devastated, pics look like an aerial bombardment.

And yet my students turned up on time for class and worked steadily through the lecture and their assignments.

Surely we deserve some type of survivor’s like?https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/living-with-earthquakes/


WorldbyStorm - November 3, 2016

Now that is scary!


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