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Thrillers about the Emergency November 5, 2016

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I’m currently working my way through thrillers set in Ireland before or during World War II. I’ve Joe Joyce’s Echoland, which is pretty good and one of a series of three. Then there’s Michael Russell’s City of Strangers, the middle of another trilogy, which I liked more and more as I read it. A bit more self-consciously positioned as literature than Joyce’s work though some oddities, for example in the introductory chapter every character’s name is detailed in full, first name and surname both, in pretty much every instance where it is used. Not sure why that is. But strong and a good and very balanced overview of the Emergency period and neutrality at the end.

Any other recommendations?


1. Peter James - November 5, 2016

Can anyone recommend thrillers written in the period leading up to and including the emergency?


Michael Carley - November 5, 2016

Written in the period: The Informer.


2. Michael Carley - November 5, 2016

League of Volunteers, if graphic novels are your thing.


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