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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week November 6, 2016

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Sindo rubbish today. However, Eoghan Harris is fighting against the Cork IRA of 100 years ago and Cork academia of today in his column regarding the question of whether people shot back then were spies or not. However, he also has another target too.

Howlin set a new low in political hypocrisy last Friday on RTE Radio news. The same politician who negotiated the Lansdowne Road Agreement was now calling for the acceleration of pay restoration.
The Lansdowne lion is now down and the public sector unions will soon finish their feast and move on to bigger prey.

The fat cats will get fatter. The great majority of working people will suffer. For shame.

Union members in the public sector are now fat cats. Not even the leaders, but the membership. Must be hard having always to top your own hyperbole.


1. Paddy Healy - November 6, 2016

How about Taking a Few Bob From The Real Fat CATS

Full Details http://wp.me/pKzXa-n4
Only 1.4Billion Euro Needed to Fully Restore Pay and Pensions but..
TOP 10% Gained over 6 Billion in the year 2015 alone
TOP 10% Now Own 53.4% of all Household Assets Including 102.5 Billion in Shares, Bank Deposits, Insurance Policies, Bonds and other Financial Instruments
BUT NOT A PENNY IN ASSETS TAX IS PAYABLE ON THESE FINANCIAL ASSETS!!! These are part of the personal wealth of individuals not of Companies


Paddy Healy - November 6, 2016

10 Billion Found “Down The Back of the Sofa”!!!!!
CSO has issued its revised Financial Asset Figures for 2015(this is routine) Net Financial Assets of Households are 10 billion above the unrevised figure issued earlier!
This means that the Net Financial Assets of the Richest 10% of Households are 35 billion above peak boom level(2006) rather than the 30 billion estimated earlier
According to Central Bank Report 2015 the richest 10% of households have total assets(Net Wealth) of c.2million Euro each and a total of c. 300 billion
Would they miss 5 billion?


2. CMK - November 6, 2016

2009 all over again. Except in 2009 most public sector workers bought the propaganda and bowed to the pay cutting agenda. In 2016 there are many public sector workers underwater economically with nothing to lose by striking. While the state-media nexus clearly believe their arguments about ‘average’ pay in the public and private sectors or European comparisons, unchanged since 2009, will be enough to beat back demands for accelerated pay restoration, things have radically changed in the public sector since then and there is zero patience with restraint on pay. Also, this time round we have seen the government beaten back on water charges, the bus and Luas drivers winning through strikes, so people might have more confidence. I read McCarthy’s piece and he has been trading in the same argument since 1987.


6to5against - November 6, 2016

I agree with pretty much all of that. But I don’t think public workers really bought the propaganda back then. I think instead that they bowed to huge political pressure and extraordinary levels of media vitriol aimed at them.

But to me the key issue isn’t really pay, but fempi. Or at least, there’s no way to effectively negotiate on pay while fempi remains in place. It really is extraordinary legislation. If at any point of a ‘negotiation’ the gov’t feel unhappy, they simply tell the unions what the result is going to be, and what the punishment will be for anybody who dissents.

If the unions don’t come together on that point, they can forget any real progress.


RosencrantzisDead - November 6, 2016

In 2009, there was a perception (whether it was correct or not) that everyone was taking a hit. The country was in crisis. It is easier to accept a setback to your position if you believe that everyone else is also suffering something similar.

So the deal went through.

Today, we have had an election where two parties ran on the platform that the country had recovered because of the ‘brave’ steps they took. so it makes sense to say, ‘if we have a recovery and people doing better, why should I not see any improvement?’

If the government are looking for someone to blame, they may find a mirror.


Paddy Healy - November 6, 2016

The Problem Was that Union Leaders Pushed The Cuts. Eg “You can be made redundant you know, but we have got the government to agree that you cant be made redundant for the duration of the agreement” Read More BAN THe POST RETIREMENT STATE JOB (PRJ) for the Gen SEC! END THe CONFLIT OF INTEREST

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Paddy Healy - November 6, 2016

FEMPI is indeed the main Issue. It is an attack on free trade unions-the right of a union to enter into an agreement or not to enter into an agreement with an employer.
If money is so tight why did Fine Gael give 173 million Euro in Tax relief to the top 5% over the last two budgets?

Income Tax and USC Relief To High Incomes Over Two Most Recent Budgets Totalled 173 Million Euro

Detailed Calculation wp.me/pKzXa-oM

Government Concession to Top 5% of Income recipients (110,000 units) with average incomes of 186,000 EU per year over two Budgets


CMK - November 6, 2016

FEMPI remains an issue. Not least because for 90-95% of trade union officials in the public sector their unofficial motto is ‘FEMPI is your friend!’ FEMPI was not only a huge assist to the austerity agenda but was also a key element in prolonging the rotting carcass of social partnership and was welcomed with glee by many national executives of trade unions in 2013. While for officials the politically correct thing is to issue thunderous public denunciations of FEMPI as an outrageous attack on free trade unionism, in private most public sector trade union officials love FEMPI with a passion that would be indecent, were it widely known. No longer do they have to make ever more ridiculous arguments to say this or that public sector deal is necessary to ‘save’ the country, they can fall back on FEMPI to face down recalcitrant members. The intensity of the hatred for ASTI and the cops among that cohort would not be believed were it more widely know! Do you think Jack O’Connor, Shay Cody, Brendan Harbour et al are going to voluntarily surrender FEMPI? So long as workers in the public sector seek pay restoration there will always be a ‘financial emergency’ and nearly every trade union official will row in behind whatever attacks the government lines up should FEMPI fail to frighten trade union members.


6to5against - November 7, 2016

Indeed. I suspect this is going to be akin to the WW2 ’emergency’ which finally, technically ended when? I might have my facts wrong on this, but I think it lasted right into the 90s.


Gewerkschaftler - November 6, 2016

It’s seems that now’s the time to strike. And strike again.

The money’s there. It’s just in the hands of the wealthy and corporations. So tax them to pay for public services. Starting with Krapple.

Congratulations to the teachers on going out, despite the relentless propaganda directed against them.


3. Phil - November 6, 2016

Harris is a sad sight these days, but he’s living proof of my rule 1 of politics: it’s not the position, it’s the direction. Moving right then, moving right now.


WorldbyStorm - November 6, 2016



4. roddy - November 6, 2016

Harris was never anything but a sad sight and despite what others claim had an influence on the reporting of Northern affairs by the National broadcaster.He whipped up an anti Republican atmosphere in RTE which was akin in many ways to McCarthyism.


6to5against - November 6, 2016

Does anybody deny that? Does Harris even deny that? I think Harris would proudly boast of the fact.

It wouldn’t surprise me in fact to see Harris explain to us some day how McCarthy was a much misunderstood soul, that he had connections in West Cork, and that the people of West Cork always understood what he was trying to do and supported him, that the whole anti-McCarthy thing was in fact a witch-hunt, organised by the communists against right-thinking people everywhere,

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Phillip Mysensis - November 6, 2016

I think McCarthy’s Irish ancestors actually came from Tipperary.


Paddy Healy - November 6, 2016

Our Story is that he was a “blow-In” from Cork!!!!

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eamonncork - November 6, 2016

We’ll have to rotate the venue for the Summer School between the two counties then.

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5. Paddy Healy - November 6, 2016

Could We not hold the school on neutral ground in Trumps hotel in Clare ? Remember we used to have the Cork-Tipp Munster Hurling finals at the Ennis Rd ground.!
We could Have Squireen Noonan to Open the school while Frances Fitzgerald plays the harp!!!
Nigel Farrage could speak on Brexit
Joe Mulholland to advise?


eamonncork - November 7, 2016

Afraid it’s booked out for my ‘The Two Traditions – Father Coughlin, The John Birch Society and the spirit of political ecumenism’ conference Paddy. A lot of the same speakers though.


RosencrantzisDead - November 7, 2016

I hear they have booked Brendan O’Neill. He’ll give a talk on why unfettered capitalism is a good for workers from a Marxist perspective.

He’ll also demonstrate why climate change and paedophilia are both hoaxes concocted by civil servants.


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