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Judgement day November 7, 2016

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I was offline for some of the latter part of last week and the weekend and therefore not keeping fully up to speed with events. But what struck me in retrospect was just how heated the response to the UK High Court decision on parliamentary oversight of the departure of that state(s?) from the EU. The sheer bile directed at the judges surely marks a watershed. As SonofStan noted few of us this side of the water, and many on the other, might find unthinking obeisance to the British judicial process absurd after the history of the last forty or so years and more. But that said – in a way isn’t it fascinating that it took this to genuinely see unprecedented attacks from sections of the British media.

There’s method to the madness. Just as there’s been an unseemly rush to pretend that the result was much less close than it was and therefore to push as far and as fast for the hardest possible exit by the Tory right egged on by UKIP and associated others, so any obstacle placed in the way of that dynamic is clearly perceived and treated as something close enough to a betrayal.

And yet the contradictions abound. As has been noted here and elsewhere, for those who would propose the absolute right of a sovereign parliament this throws up huge problems, ones that they seek to bypass through the exercise of rhetoric and bluster.

How do May and the Tories negotiate this? The loss of another MP, one who was pro-Brexit but also in favour of the ‘sovereignty’ of the parliament is telling. Though I suspect he’ll be alone in his apostasy. The curious response to the articles – is also telling. Note the manner in which May seems to downplay the nature of the media response:

“I believe in and value the independence of our judiciary. I also value the freedom of our press,” she told reporters. “These both underpin our democracy.”

Now there’s a political who has decided which horse to back in this particular race. Or rather hopes that the horse will back her.


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