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CLR Book Club – Week 11 November 8, 2016

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Week 11 already!


1. LeftAtTheCross - November 8, 2016

Can I venture a comment that this doesn’t really seem to be working? Is it the book, is it the online format, something else?


Joe - November 8, 2016

Joe’s laziness is the root of all evil.


yourcousin - November 8, 2016

It would work great if soneone translated the damned French text like I asked last time ūüėČ


yourcousin - November 8, 2016

Also I’m pretty sure this is working like every lit. class I was ever in. Half the people don’t do the reading and even those that do are waiting for the teacher to lecture them about it.


benmadigan - November 8, 2016

are we still debating one of two translations of the Gaelic Valley of the Squinting Windows set in a graveyard?

It is not available as a download. It has to be ordered (time lapse to delivery), paid for (money gap) and then read and digested (time and energy insufficient)?

next time, what about something less gossipy from gutenburg press?


2. Starkadder - November 8, 2016

“what about something less gossipy from gutenburg press?”?

Any takers for Morris’ “News from Nowhere” or Bellamy’s “Looking Backward” (both in the public domain)?


3. Gewerkschaftler - November 8, 2016

Well I’m glad I started the book. I’m not sure when I’ll finish it.

YC’s analysis applies, I suspect. There’s plenty of material there, but you need to ‘engage with it’ as I lecture the young ones about school work.

Next time perhaps something with more politics so people feel inclined to argue the toss.

How about a biography of Trotsky – that should get the juices flowing? Only joking, I hasten to add.


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