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Libertarian notes… November 8, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

I’m not a fan of Freakonomics, but some interesting stuff about libertarianism in the US recently, particularly this 10 signs you might be a libertarian. There was an interview with the libertarian Presidential candidate, and information on the Free State movement that seeks to see New Hampshire becoming a libertarian sand box (notably their original aim of secession from the US has now been put on ice). They’ve attempted to encourage 20,000 citizens to move there and claim they’ve reached that number.

Still and all, I couldn’t help a wry smile hearing one couple interviewed say the following:

It’s kind of just knowing you’re around people who ideologically agree with you and align with you.


Odd too to hear one say that it was about not being a ‘slave to the government where they own your production’. I get that, I really do. I don’t understand, though, how being a slave to a company or private enterprise unmoderated by any democratic control (and let’s not even start talking about contracts) is an improvement.

Meanwhile on much the same topic, Zero Books had a remarkably irritating debate between Marxist and Libertarian academics about the respective merits of their views. I just found it unilluminating, vague, filled with platitudes and unsupported certainties from both sides. And worst of all at the end of it I had absolutely no idea about the shape of either societal transformation proposed.


1. RosencrantzisDead - November 8, 2016


The desire to live in a society where you can send your son to his room for being naughty but he creates his own state, secedes, and tries to annex your fridge. So you fire your tomahawk missile at him.


WorldbyStorm - November 8, 2016

I think I once linked to a UK Libertarian Alliance think piece on defence, it was uncomfortably close to that, I kid you not.


RosencrantzisDead - November 8, 2016

I always liked Murray Rothbard’s horseshit argument that parents were under no obligation to care for children, but children had a right to run away from their parents.

Worked this out purely from ‘reason’, he did.

When I think about this, I am reminded of the earlier thread on Living Marxism. Is it that these people are contrarians because it is the logical upshot of certain philosophical principles they are committed to? Or do they adopt these philosophical principles as a means to justify their contrarianism?

The latter is certainly the more common, I say. It also explains the internet is full of Austrians. A philosophy where every conclusion can be derived from reason alone lends itself very well to online debate. (Other worldviews probably suffer from something similar but *cough**cough*…none come to mind right now).

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WorldbyStorm - November 9, 2016

Poor old Rothbard, he wasn’t entirely devoid of good instincts but some of his ideas were pure poison.


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