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What you want to say – 9th November 2016 November 9, 2016

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. Starkadder - November 9, 2016

So, as of 8:03 Irish time, the AP and BBC are reporting Trump has become POTUS:


Who’s up for a protest against this mobocratic thug?


2. Joe - November 9, 2016

ASTI industrial action deferred pending talks. What gives?
I’d like to think they read my suggestion on tactics on here yesterday. This being a site with huge, worldwide influence, that’s probably what happened alright.


Joe - November 9, 2016

Actually, below is a comment from an ASTI member (I presume) on a Journal report on the suspension of industrial action. Very good comment too:

“The action is only suspended.

Teachers only withdrew from S&S as they were not paid as promised. If talks don’t result in this payment we will be back out.

Gov must give a full and acceptable timeline for pay restoration for LPT pay, they currently are on a scale between €7000 and €9000 less than pre 2011 teachers.

We will not vote for LRA in its current format as it means the introduction of the altered JC by the back door. There are far too many flaws in the new JC.

Teachers are standing up the the bullying attempts by this government.”


6to5against - November 9, 2016

Good comment. My feeling is the asti strike is about to be overtaken by events elsewhere. All other unions will now demand pay equality and -as it’s not actually very expensive – it will be delivered.
For the govt it will have served it’s purpose – they can offer a cheap concession while keeping overall pay reduced.


6to5against - November 9, 2016

But then at 2 am I went to bed thinking Clinton should still win, so my prophecies tend to be unreliable beyond a 10 – 15 min time frame. ..


Joe - November 9, 2016

Everyone will be a prophet for 15 minutes…

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3. gendjinn - November 9, 2016

Gravity may be an emergent property not a fundamental force – and this comment on the slashdot link wins the day “Slashdot posting an article on fundamental physics? Must be a slow news day.”


Gewerkschaftler - November 9, 2016

Not only gravity but dark and normal matter may be an emergent property of information embedded in space.

Fascinating – the heights of human achievement set against the lows of the day that’s in it.


6to5against - November 13, 2016

I went to a talk recently by one of the (huge) team involved in searching for gravitational waves – the eventual discovery of which provided further proof for the General theory of Relativity.

One point he made was how this project was ‘big’ science, involving many countries, dozens of universities and I think something like 3000 working scientists. He said it would never have been possible without international co-operation, and implied that brexit in particular would make this sort of science much more difficult,

I can’t see Trump and his cohort being too keen either on these mutli -billions euro budgets.


4. RosencrantzisDead - November 11, 2016

Leonard Cohen has died. RIP

2016 has not been a good year.


5. sonofstan - November 11, 2016
Gewerkschaftler - November 11, 2016

They haven’t purged the left out of the Music departments yet then. Resistance is popping up all over.

Good to hear.


6. Starkadder - November 13, 2016

I wasn’t sure where to put this comment. I did hear a friend of mine moan that “Most Americans and British people are stupid. How could their voters follow the lies of Trump and Farage?” I suspect a few of us know people who expressed similar views.

It’s a tempting view, but a lethal one to anyone who politics are based on the belief that all human beings deserve freedom, justice, and equality.

I did find a quote recently that is an excellent answer to this
F. R. Leavis style sentiment. It’s from “The Enchanted Glass” by Tom Nairn:

The Royal taboo’s implication is that disloyal opponents are not just a minority but (almost) a minority of alien beings….and it is, unfortunately, a short step from being an oppressed minority to feeling like an elite. Popular conservatism begins to look like self-evident stupidity. The diaphanous line is crossed being between a minority that knows better (an uncomfortable but hardly disastrous plight inseparable from most of history so far) and elitism.

The sad sinking conviction that “human nature” may have had a matter, and that the majority may be irredeemable. Then it seems to follow that the knowing few are history’s sole justification and salt: what better proof of such a dismal point than Mass Monarchical silliness?


7. Alibaba - November 14, 2016

The biggest capitalist parties in the state did not oppose the Joan Collins Bill calling for a referendum on the issue of water ownership. This is surely unexpected I was thinking, but very telling too.

It seems to be agreed that the question of screwing the poor for water is being kicked away ‘at this stage’, as something for another time and place.

‘Minister for Housing Simon Coveney said that the government would support the bill, saying ”we may disagree over how to fund water services but we share a common view on the State owning this vital public service”.’
Coveney has a concern with funding and support ‘pending a review of the proposed legislation’. You bet. So too did Fianna Fail  who added:
‘…It is imperative that the Bill undergo the necessary deliberation and scrutiny at pre-legislative stage to ensure that its intention or wording does not run the risk of unintended consequences.’

Perhaps EU regulations will be used to ensure the necessity for competition when a commodity is being provided. Hey presto, bring in private companies who sell the managed water to us.  I cannot think of a better example than the ESB to illustrate this point.

In the case of the ESB, competition is obligatory for the commodity while retaining the network in state hands. Has anyone consulted the EU Competition authority of what is required or likely or legal with regard to water as a commodity?

Socialists understand that nationalisation of a utilitity, by a capitalist state, without workers or consumer control, still leaves it open to the state to control appointments, and special management awards, and who gets contracts.

Well done to Joan Collins for proposing the Bill. I suppose I am telling you something that you already know. But the key point I wish to make is this: there can be an illusion that nationalisation will achieve some kind of fairness. Having a referendum to take Irish Water back into public ownership is not necessarily a panacea, if we still have to fork out for charges, and if we still have to pay again for provision and maintenance maybe via private companies which FG/FF will try to stitch in. 

Nationalisation can offer false assurances unless the Left addresses these concerns in a forthright way. We must continue to warn against dangers and be keenly watchful.


Jolly Red Giant - November 14, 2016

FF/FG will bury this bill in Committee – I’d be surprised if it gets anywhere near a referendum before the next election


Gewerkschaftler - November 14, 2016

+50 Alibaba.

We need to stop using the concept ‘nationalisation’ when we know it can lead to the abuses you mention above. Mere ownership by the state does not mean the industry or service in question is going to be operated to satisfy public needs. This is doubly so with so-called semi-state organisations.

Instead we should always propose “democratic public ownership and control”. That means that workers in the industry or service and users should have a majority on the controlling boards. Business plans and the reasoning and figures behind them should be de facto public knowledge.

This is of course incompatible with Leninist party X packing the board with it’s members, which is equally antidemocratic.


Michael Carley - November 14, 2016

If you need an illustration of the difference, remember that the banks in Ireland and the UK were brought into public, or state, ownership. In no meaningful way were they nationalized.


8. Alibaba - November 14, 2016

There is no denying that Eirexit is gaining traction and sadly so.



EWI - November 14, 2016

Well, once Uncle Gaybo started advocating it (pining for the UK tie).


9. sonofstan - November 15, 2016

UCU (uni lecturers) members here in the UK have decided by a relatively close margin not to pursue further industrial action with regard to our pay claim in response to the employers unilateral rise of 1.1%, paid from August. So effectively they’ve won by paying a little – much less than they should have – and by exploiting the uncertainty many of us feel regarding our jobs and conditions


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