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In a Trump world… Policy November 10, 2016

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So, what of policy? It’s hard to get a fix. Here’s some clues.

From the Guardian. I hadn’t realised he was so pro-NRA. I learn something new and depressing every day.

And here’s an interesting nugget:

Throughout the election, on issues of major cultural significance, Trump has tacked further and further to the right.

From Slate.com, his views on climate change. Or perhaps more accurately, his lack of a view on same.

And also from Slate.com a look at the US Constitution and what might change. Yikes.

The FT notes his tax policy.

Mr Trump has promised the biggest tax revolution since Ronald Reagan, pledging to cut taxes across the board. He says no American business would pay more than 15 per cent of their profits in tax, compared with a current maximum of 35 per cent [ie a flat tax of 15% -wbs]. The top rate of tax would fall from 39.6 per cent as the Republican reduces the number of tax brackets.

Interested in labor? Workers tend to be. Check this out from Reuters. To say it is depressing is an understatement. Here’s a taste.

Trump has expressed support for so-called right-to-work legislation, which allows workers to avoid paying union dues. Republican leaders in Congress have consistently sought such a change at the national level. Labor unions say such laws are aimed at undermining collective bargaining and workers’ rights.

William Gould, chair of the NLRB under Democratic President Bill Clinton and now a professor at Stanford Law School, said on Wednesday that Trump was likely to partner with Congress in dismantling a host of administration labor initiatives from Obama.

Meanwhile, let’s keep it local at the end. From the Irish Times some thoughts on how it will affect this island.


1. Starkadder - November 10, 2016

Looking at a Trump Presidency just gets worse and worse and worse, like a fractal of disaster.


WorldbyStorm - November 10, 2016

A great and depressing way of putting it


2. CL - November 10, 2016

“For his energy and environmental policy team, Trump has selected one of the nation’s most prominent climate contrarians, Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, to head his EPA transition. Ebell worked on policy for the tobacco industry before his years of work opposing environmental regulations and sowing doubt on climate science.”


3. CL - November 10, 2016

Another revenant who has attached himself to Trump is Rudy Giuliani, once described by Jimmy Breslin as a small man in search of a balcony.
‘Now possibly the next attorney general, Mr. Giuliani, 72, aligned himself with Mr. Trump in a last-ditch grasp at influence and relevance, according to those who know him. While his sometimes dubious defense of Mr. Trump might have seemed an aberration from his 40-year career, it was better understood, they said, as its logical extension….
“When we talk about the Rudy of today, we have to talk about the Rudy of the past,” said Christina Greer, who teaches political science at Fordham University. “People say, ‘What happened to him?’ But the fact is that nothing happened. He’s showing himself to the general public now in a way that black New Yorkers felt all along.”


CL - November 10, 2016
CL - November 10, 2016

“The management and budget team is headed by Ed Meese, who served as attorney general under President Ronald Reagan,”

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4. Starkadder - November 13, 2016

Did you know Mike Pence believes that “smoking doesn’t kill?”


Or that Pence also refused to comply with Obama Administration rules aimed at reducing prison rape?



WorldbyStorm - November 13, 2016

Isn’t he a creationist too? Or all but? Doesn’t believe in evolution?


5. CL - November 14, 2016


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