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Interview with Roz Purcell… November 11, 2016

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…in Hot Press. Surely not fare for the CLR, Ms. Purcell being a former Miss Universe Ireland and now food blogger. And surely no connection with Donald Trump. But no, he’s everywhere! Miss Universe is his competition.

But worth noting how open she is in interview with Jason O’Toole about a range of social matters and perhaps that tells us something about how things are changing in this state. And some intriguing thoughts expressed in the following about perceptions (and indeed responses).

What’s your view on the Eighth Amendment?
Yeah, I’m pro-choice. I haven’t spoken too much about it in interviews because I am afraid that my words will be taken out of context. It’s really hard. When you’re in the public eye, people feel like you shouldn’t have an opinion. Even when I posted it online, a lot of people’s response was that I shouldn’t be influencing people. I said, ‘It’s my choice. Whatever your choice is, I respect it, so respect mine’. It is hard sometimes when you have an
opinion that you know a lot of people won’t agree with. You don’t speak because you know there’s going to be a backlash.

That about the response from others is very curious isn’t it? She continues:

But the Repeal the Eighth campaign needs high profile women to speak out to highlight how important this issue is.
It’s a really delicate subject, particularly when you’re talking to somebody who mightn’t have the same opinion. I can understand the viewpoints on both sides. At the end of the day, I’ve re-educated myself on both arguments and it’s something I’ve talked about – and I’ve decided I’m pro-choice.

The government is looking at an Irish solution to an Irish problem: i.e. financing the repatriation costs of the foetus.
Oh my God! I didn’t know that. It’s really not nice. I can’t actually believe that – it sounds like something that would happen in Father Ted!

And what of Trump? Well, entertainingly – sort of…

Do you regret that, back in 2010, you responded to a tweet by another of Trump’s then models, who suggested he should run for president by saying, ‘YES!!! I hope he does!’?
I’m not going, ‘I really, really, really regret that!’ Like, who would have thought he was actually going to run for president? You have to remember in 2010, I was just after being in Miss Universe. He was after bringing me over to New York and I was modelling with Trump Models. He was really nice to all of us. And the model who had originally put up the
tweet is a Muslim American who is very much anti-Trump now. So, we’d both look back and go,
‘Really! He actually went for president? Who’d ever have thought he’d go for president!’ It’s like Kanye when he came out saying he’d go for president. Who knows? Maybe in four years times he’ll be running for election.

There’s a lot more in the interview including this:

Did you have any bad experiences with him?
No. He was really nice to all of the Miss Universe contestants. And when I ended up moving to New York and modelling, he was just normal. I couldn’t really get over just how normal he was.
So, you’ve been shocked by all the controversiessurrounding him?
Well, when I heard he was first running for president I didn’t actually think it was serious (laughs). But then, when he was talking about his political views and immigration and not even believing in global warming: you’re just like, ‘How is someone so removed from reality that they can come out with these statements?’

Are you politically motivated?
I would be if it’s something I’m really passionate about. You know what’s mad? I used to study politics. You’re like, ‘No way! She fucking didn’t!’ (laughs). Growing up, I was really into debating and I wanted to be an advocate for human rights and work in the UN or something. So, I went to college and studied politics, but I ended up winning Miss Universe Ireland, so I didn’t have to finish my course.


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