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Another poll November 12, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Not wildly out of line with other polls. Not good for the LP though. Where is their remaining support going though?


1. Tomboktu - November 12, 2016

Is it as accurate as the ones before Tuesday in the USA were?


Gewerkschaftler - November 14, 2016


They clearly didn’t poll regionally enough to uncover the hidden Labour vote!


2. Paddy Healy - November 12, 2016

Labour Gone ???
B&A Sunday Times Poll Sunday 13/11/2016
LABOUR 3% + or – 3.3% !!!!!!!
FG 28 FF 30 SF 17 Lab 3 Others 22


3. irishelectionliterature - November 12, 2016

You beat me to posting it had The “Labour a Margin of Error” headline all ready in my head too 🙂
To be honest I think that they are concentrating on themselves rather than the electorate. Labour Rebuild I think it’s called. Basically they want to shore up any existing activists that they have before even thinking of growing again.
It’s a very different period of opposition to the ones that they were used to ,where more often than not they stole the opposition show from FG with some excellent Dail performers. Their faux outrage doesn’t sound so great now after their period in government and when there are those with genuine outrage on the opposition benches too.


WorldbyStorm - November 13, 2016

Please change the title on this or post up your post, your title is brilliant!


4. Paddy Healy - November 13, 2016

How can Brendan “FEMPI ANTi-Trade UNION LAW” HOWLIN and Joan “hammer of lone parents and reduced heating allowances for the poor” Burton cod workers again?. Even Jack O’Connor and the Irish Times cant revive them. They will have to get new fake Labour leaders to to con people again. And this may not work this time because there are substantial forces to the let of them-Spring, Rabitte, Gilmour didt have that probem !
Its a long time since 1969 when the seventies were going to be socialists and the Young Socialists and Others got me elected to the national executive on a “coalition never again” ticket!!!


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