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High flying assets… November 12, 2016

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The meeting between Trump and Obama was most curious (by the way, as Slate notes Trump lied about it only being slated for a quarter of an hour…. but hey, that’s his schtick. Start as you mean to go on). Meanwhile… as noted in Daily Kos something I too thought was odd when hearing it.

Did any one thing capture Trump’s attention in today’s meeting with President Obama?  There was an odd specific detail that stood out to me within Trump’s generic statement.
“I very much look forward to dealing with the President in the future, including counsel…, He explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets, and some of the really great things that have been achieved.”

Some have wondered was he mouthing off, unintentionally one has to presume, about confidential information in relation to secret or semi-secret space programmes…

There are more comments circulating on the internets tonight about this head scratcher.   Mostly concerning potential referencing of classified information.  In addition to drones, options would include spy satellites and ongoing DoD space vehicles with non-disclosed missions. 

One of those latter we’ve noted here before, the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle.
Loose lips sink ships.


1. dublinstreams - November 12, 2016

he could be talking about Obama increased use of drones to target al-Qaeda in Syria https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/obama-directs-pentagon-to-target-al-qaeda-affiliate-in-syria-one-of-the-most-formidable-forces-fighting-assad/2016/11/10/cf69839a-a51b-11e6-8042-f4d111c862d1_story.html that or high flying spy planes, ironically the x-37b is LOW-earth orbit vehicle


2. Jim Monaghan - November 13, 2016

There is an underlying thing among “military background” Trump supporters, that if there was a more gung ho President who would let the military free rein, then no problem. So I expect more military adventures, more surgical strikes, more drones wreaking havoc. Bad to worse.


3. Gewerkschaftler - November 14, 2016

The German security state is developing it’s own spy satellites, concentrating on middle and eastern Europe.

Partly military Keynsianism, partly to reduce dependence on Five Eyes, I suspect.


4. Gewerkschaftler - November 14, 2016

Talking of things celestial, we’re enjoying the brightest (full) moon in decades.

Quite something to contemplate, even through the city lights.


Gewerkschaftler - November 14, 2016

The moon will come within 356,509km of Earth. You could almost reach out and touch it!

Good ‘splainer here.


Gewerkschaftler - November 14, 2016

According to met.ie there ‘may’ be some breaks in the cloud over Ireland. 🙂


5. Joe - November 14, 2016

Then again, assets for Trump usually mean the monetary type. Does he mean that Obama gave him a few leads on government assets that he could convert to Trump assets? I’d say public asset-stripping will be a big part of Trump’s agenda. He could be a bit like those stereotypical African dictators who plunder all their country’s assets and lodge the proceeds into a Swiss bank account.


6. Joe Wilson - March 22, 2017

High flying asset TR 3B


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