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War and talk of war… November 15, 2016

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Thought this, from the Guardian last Friday was worth looking at. Jonathan Fenby on how Trump’s rhetoric may impact with the reality of China. Trump has gone big on portraying the PRC as a problem, perhaps the problem, for the US.

And look at the counsel he has received.

We know the person he endorses as “right on” about China, university professor Peter Navarro, sees war with the People’s Republic as “very likely”, argues that “Bill Clinton sold America down the Shanghai River”, and urges the US to fight China’s mercantilism by being tough on trade and taxing China’s exports.

Well that’s a consolation isn’t it?

And how about this, also from the Guardian.

Trump’s election has added a new layer of uncertainty to all these potential [global] flashpoints.
“I have no idea what he would do, and neither I suspect, does he,” said James Acton, the co-director of the nuclear policy programme at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “Let’s not kid ourselves he has policies for these issues. He doesn’t have a team that has done deep dives into these questions.”

Which continues:

During the campaign, 10 former US nuclear launch officers, who once manned missile silos and held the keys necessary to execute a launch order, signed a letter saying Trump should not have his “finger on the button” because of his temperament.
One of those former officers, Bruce Blair, said that if US early warning radar showed the country was under attack by nuclear missiles, there would be time for a president to receive a briefing that could be as short as 30 seconds and the commander-in-chief would then have between three and 12 minutes to make up his mind. He would have to take into account that the early warning system had been wrong before and could be vulnerable to ever more sophisticated hacking.

And how’s about this list of problem areas…

Note that Trump has promised to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Just one of many issues where this supposedly ‘non-interventionist’ President is likely to sow yet further discord.


1. CL - November 15, 2016

-the Republican Party…has become the most dangerous organization in world history….
doctrines of white supremacy have had an even more powerful grip on American culture than in South Africa,…
One of the difficulties in raising public concern over the very severe threats of global warming is that 40 percent of the US population does not see why it is a problem, since Christ is returning in a few decades..
There are definite similarities to Brexit, and also to the rise of the ultranationalist far-right parties in Europe — whose leaders were quick to congratulate Trump on his victory, perceiving him as one of their own: [Nigel] Farage, [Marine] Le Pen, [Viktor] Orban and others like them. And these developments are quite frightening. A look at the polls in Austria and Germany — Austria and Germany- cannot fail to evoke unpleasant memories for those familiar with the 1930s..
As to how Trump will handle what he has brought forth — not created, but brought forth — we cannot say.-Chomsky.


2. Roger Cole - November 16, 2016

President Obama and the Clinton had already agreed to massive increases in expenditure on nuclear weapons, and Clinton wanted to go to war with Russia by imposing no fly zone over Syria. Clearly the unpredictability of Trump could be even more dangerous, but let us not kid ourselves that the Democrats were good for peace in the world.
The sooner we restore Irish neutrality and stop the US troops going through Shannon Airport the better.


yourcousin - November 16, 2016

Dear God do I wish that a “Jesus wept” emoji existed.


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