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Who wrote this? November 15, 2016

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For many in the developed world the ‘trickle-down’ wealth effect simply evaporates in the searing heat of a harsh new world order. Zero-hour contracts and minimum-wage incomes are the lot – or the feared lot – of an ever-growing social class that is alienated, angry and losing hope – but gaining the confidence to resist at the ballot back.

Or this?

The classic devices of a global free-trade ring hollow in the ears of those who fear that they and their children seem destined, or already stand condemned, to become part of an excluded lumpenproletariat.

And this?

I offer you this thought; when liberal economics part company with liberal social politics in the developed world, the new landscape increasingly resembles the bleak harsh polarised zone of conflict envisioned by Karl Marx.

And finally this…

For whom is this international economic order run? In whose interest is it designed, regulated and reformed? I am not arguing that res trade is bad. On the contrary it is very often optimum. But it cannot become an ideological absolute.

Yeah, that’s right. Michael McDowell, in the SBP this weekend.

He makes some very pertinent points re TTIP and how he was one of those who raised the absurdity of the controls around the draft treaty and access to same. And he rightly points to the absurdities of euro-federalists appearing to think the Trump era is a time to push on regardless. That said I think that there is little appetite for euro-federalism, and most obviously and importantly amongst citizens of the states in the EU.


1. CL - November 15, 2016

Market fundamentalism, espoused by mainstream parties in Europe and the U.S., is immiserating the working class. The result is Brexit and Trump. Has McDowell offered an alternative response to populist nationalism?


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