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Meanwhile, back at the farce… November 16, 2016

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…this latest from the Trump Presidency elect.

Donald Trump’s transition to the White House appeared to be in disarray on Tuesday after the abrupt departure of a top national security adviser and amid continuing questions over the role of his three children and son-in-law.

Former Republican congressman Mike Rogers stepped down from the president-elect’s transition team without explanation, but one report attributed it to a “Stalinesque purge”.

There’s a lot more including some entertaining stuff as to why Rudy Giuliani is an – ahem – interesting choice for Secretary of State.

Clowns the lot of them. Who remind me of nothing so much as the Brexit clowns. But clowns who will be in power in the US in a short few weeks. Jesus Christ.


1. Starkadder - November 16, 2016

Meanwhile, dirty work at the crossroads. A photo of an anti-Trump protester carrying a (looks like a fake) “Rape Melania” sign is all over social media, especially Russia Today:


The sign looks real, but the message about Melania looks like a fake.
I wouldn’t be surprised if either the alt-right or the Russians were involved in this image going viral.


2. CL - November 16, 2016

“A particular challenge is lack of clarity about the division of power among Priebus, Bannon and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who also has a key role in transition decisions. Another source tied to the transition described the resulting confusion as “buffoonery.””

Yes, they’re fun to watch right now, but soon they will be madmen in authority doing who knows what damage.


Starkadder - November 16, 2016

Aye. The sitcom will soon turn into an epic tragedy. 😦


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