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In a time of Trump: The view from inside the Republicans. November 17, 2016

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Interesting final podcast from Radio Free GOP, a dissident Republican anti-Trump show from Mike Murphy who is a long time Republican operative, that has been extremely antagonistic to the President elect. Their sense was that the voters who shifted to Trump did include union members, just seeking some change. They were surprised by the outcome but they felt the ‘change’ message from him was very persuasive with some. Their sense was that his message, economic frustration and where the country was was the means by which he ‘threaded the needle’ despite Hispanic and African American votes holding up.

Some intriguing thoughts:

‘Trump may end up being more focused… working on immigration, trade policy…’
‘there may end up being a huge fracas with the House wanting to do more than Trump is ready to do’ ‘the Republican majority in the Senate may not be as activist as the Congress’

And to the question, will Trump double down on the economic populism of the campaign? The answer was that he’d pick a couple of issues – taxes and the wall and he’d be aggressive, whereas on trade deals perhaps not.

Interesting observation too that the role of President is even more taxing than the campaign, and that he looked tired and worn-out…

And a key thought. If Trump backed off on the wall… would that affect his constituency, are they willing to forgive him?

“I think he’s going to have to follow through on a couple of these core issues or else”.

Entertaining interview with Bill Kristol as well (I’d not realised or had forgotten that he started out as a Scoop Jackson Democrat). Just on that and how matters proceed there was a fair bit of consensus that it was time to give Trump some time and support him as President and the opportunity to see him rise to the moment. Well, we’ll see about that!

The term Peronist was thrown about as a possible way Trump might go – the feeling being that some Republicans would row in behind a nativist nationalist Trump approach or even exaggerate it. But I wonder, Peron was particularly clever in folding leftish aspects in to that mix. Whereas in the US I wonder if that would be there – if there was even space in the political culture for that. And that being the case, what sort of political hybrid will this be?

But just on that, another problem I have with executive presidencies is the way that formal and political roles merge in a way that I think is unhealthy in a democracy. It means that the former can be used to cloak conceal or even enhance the latter. And there’s an element of rallying to the flag about it. I suppose there’s a counter argument that it may slightly impeded too nakedly partisan approaches, but… I don’t know. What do others think?


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