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On the rarity of revolution… November 18, 2016

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I mentioned Eoin Dillon’s review in History Ireland of Bill Kissane’s Nations Torn Asunder – the Challenge of Civil War. There’s another point worth considering in Dillon’s review. He writes that:

According to Kissane… scholarly interest in civil war now outstrips that in revolution and inter-state war. Wars that may be classified under the rubric of civil, internal or new – a paradoxically globalised form of civil war are likely to predominate over big inter-state wars of rate foreseeable future, thus ensuring no fall off in interest.

Reading that it struck me that actual revolution is actually conspicuous by its rarity. If we think about genuine transformational events how many can we count? Do we count all on foot? Is the Cuban revolution an echo of the Russian revolution or is it a nationalist coup/insurrection which introduced some of the forms of that latter revolution? Similarly with a raft of conflicts. Iran, etc. And what of the present era? How many revolutions have we seen since, say 1989?


1. Della Luce - November 18, 2016

This was an eye opener, great info, please keep it going. I will revisit as often as it is possible.


2. soubresauts - November 20, 2016

A lot of people are calling Trump’s election a revolution. Whether it is or not, the mainstream media won’t tell us.

I’d listen to people like WeAreChange:

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