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Sunday Independent Not Stupid Statement of the Week November 20, 2016

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

Maybe I’m too full of Christmas cheer before it’s even December but this week it seemed worth highlighting a couple of more sensible columns instead of the usual rubbish.

Brendan O’Connor has a piece with some good stuff on the causes behind the enormous rise in rents, and who is benefiting from them.

Yet somehow, someone, somewhere decided that we should make it almost impossible for the young to buy houses unless they or their parents have loads of cash, while at the same time making it handier for guys like David and his gang to buy property to rent to those same young people.

There is, you could say, a clear policy here of social engineering, a decision to push young people out of home ownership and into renting at hugely inflated rents.

And of course Gene Kerrigan

Sustainable, all of it, it seems, as a thin layer of people make a financial killing.

We urgently need municipal housing, directly built, not tinkering with incentives in the hope the private sector will do the job – it won’t. We urgently need rent controls.

But, no – such measures would be “interfering with the market”.

There’s only one market we’re allowed to interfere with, and that’s the labour market – where we must hammer anyone who seeks a decent wage. Increasing profits and executive salaries and bonuses and pensions and dividends – all of that’s sustainable. But not wage demands.

Presumably normal service will be restored next week.


1. Starkadder - November 20, 2016

Thank God “Breitbart” contributor Mary Ellen Synon doesn’t write for the Sindo anymore. I think if I saw her write a pro-Trump column for the SI, I’d tear up the whole paper.


2. Starkadder - November 20, 2016

Since we’re commentating on the media here, I found a better-than-average Buzzfeed piece about how Facebook is linking and empowering such movements as Gamergate, Brexit, and Trump voters:

this connection between burgeoning far-right movements and toxic masculinity is happening everywhere. France has racist meme pages, and Florian Philippot, one of the five party vice presidents acting under the National Front candidate Marine Le Pen, has a real Milo Yiannopoulos vibe to him. It also has its own Breibart-like far-right mouthpiece called Fdesouche. In Russia, isolated young men post memes on conservative VK pages and then go on to join the pro-Putin troll farms that dominate Russian media. Australia has a constellation of anti-immigration Facebook groups that connect Australian nationalism and male empowerment, the most notorious being United Patriots Front. Even Japan’s increasingly conservative government is aided by the neto-uyo, an anonymous army of right-wing nationalist trolls who attack anyone who criticizes the government.


They could have added Narendra Modi, of India, who also has a loyal troll army following him:



FergusD - November 21, 2016

Yer man Milo Yiannopoulos was on Channel 4 News UK the other night. Interviewed by their female presenter, CAthy Newman. She really went for him, actually was a bit too aggressive I think. I had never heard of him and we didn’t really get to hear what is “stuff” is. He claimed, get this, to be a feminist, but not one of those terrible third wave feminists around today who are just after privilige, he is a “real” feminist interested in equality!! Then the presenter did repeat some of te stuff he posts on social media, truly terrible stuff. His reply was that she didn’t understand satire when she sees it! Really? Just a joke? But the butt of all those “jokes” are always women, black people etc.

BTW – he said he is a gay Jew and therefore accusations that Breitbart and Steve Brandon are anti-semitic cannot be true. So there.


Ed - November 21, 2016

Aye, it’s all a hilarious joke, especially when he organizes his army of racist trolls to harass women and black people online, bombarding them with death threats, posting their home and work addresses for everyone to see, etc. Twitter, which tolerates all kinds of noxious stuff, banned him permanently because of his behaviour; of course, the people getting death threats at his behest simply didn’t appreciate the refined sense of irony behind it all and should have known it was all about the lolz.


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