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Blame November 22, 2016

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I do not know how accurate this in a piece by Maureen O’Dowd is, but if true it is a devastating indictment of the Clinton campaign – and by the by her critique of Obama is spot on too, albeit there were other factors at work.

She writes:

As late as February, Hillary’s chief strategist, Joel Benenson, was fretting that the candidate had no vision or message compared to Sanders: “Do we have any sense from her what she believes or wants her core message to be?”
As she cuddled up to Wall Street, Hillary forgot about the forgotten man — and woman. Bill complained in meetings that campaign manager Robby Mook was ignoring white working-class voters, according to Politico, but his concern was waved off as the plea of “a talented but aging politician who simply refused to accept the new Democratic map.”

I’ve noted here previously that Hillary Clinton was a machine politician, and I’m not at all surprised that her own machine, a seemingly solid level of experience, her undoubted popularity with some Democrats, an unpleasant and at times deeply unfair campaign against Sanders along with Obama as President was sufficient to see her through to being candidate. But it is perhaps over-egging the pudding to ascribe all the blame to Obama. There wasn’t much choice but for him to bring her into the fold after 2008, her stint as Secretary of State (few seem to recall how popular a politician she was in that role) did her no harm. And really, isn’t it telling how it took an insurgent candidate to provide any sort of a challenge to her.

But if they weren’t taking advice from Bill Clinton then something was seriously awry. And I don’t say that as a fan of either Clinton or indeed the Democrats as a party.


1. CL - November 22, 2016

‘The hysteria that surrounds Trump’s victory stems in large part from a refusal by his opponents to admit their part in bringing it about.’


2. Dermot O Connor - November 22, 2016

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