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It’s all Gilmore Girls this week..? November 26, 2016

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Speaking about saccharine. Something about a Netflix reboot or continuation or whatever – not sure what (that’s a lie). For example, the Gilmore Guys, a podcast I have never listened to (that’s a lie) meet the Gilmore Girls, a show I have never seen every episode into the third season (that’s a lie) and would certainly not be in the middle of a rewatch (that’s a lie).

And here are a bunch of people I don’t recognise, either (that’s a lie)…


1. An Sionnach Fionn - November 26, 2016

Hah! I’m in the same state of denial. I got into the GG years ago when the end of my then night/morning shift coincided with the afternoon broadcasts. Watched it before going to sleep. An ex- then bought the collection for me on DVD. She thought it was a novelty joke gift. Except that I got totally hooked on it. Looking forward to a binge watch of the new episodes 😀

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WorldbyStorm - November 26, 2016

Thank God I’m not the only one here (I know of one other, not sure if they’ll admit it!). That’s the thing AF, I know exactly what you mean, it kind of hooks one in. When it first came out I really didn’t like it at all, too cutesy, though I didn’t watch too many episodes. And then I was put on a forced rewatch in the last year or so and began to warm to it – particularly Emily, but also the strangeness of the place and also – and I don’t mean to be po-faced, but it does class in the US better than I’d expect (though not Friday Nights Light style). And there’s nice touches like Grant Lee Buffalo being the town busker, and so on.

That said I kind of hated Lorelei in season one. Borderline sociopath in her dealings with others and her scant regard for others feelings.


2. lamentreat - November 26, 2016

surely the most cryptic post ever on this blog

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3. sonofstan - November 26, 2016

Didn’t one of the papers use it as a caption back in 2011 with the former leader of the labour and his all but their (-all but two now ex-) female Tds

I watched it a fair bit actually when my daughter was of an age with Rory. Wasn’t the worst, though I doubt I’d watch it again


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