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SBP Poll 26/11/2016 November 26, 2016

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It never ends. Here’s the latest from the SBP.

Fine Gael 25% (no change)

Fianna Fáil 24% (-2)

Sinn Féin 16 % (+3)

Independents 12% (+2)

AAA-PBP 5% (-4)

Independent Alliance 4% (-2)

Labour 5% (no change)

Social Democrats 4% (+1)

Green Party 3% (no change)

And Others including Renua 1% (+1).


1. sonofstan - November 27, 2016

FF/FG back below 50%. Clearly the electorate are crying out for a new right of centre party.


fergal - November 27, 2016

Clearly, the people are still ‘thanking’ labour for having saved the country yet again.


2. Aonrud ⚘ - November 27, 2016

“Big two enjoy support of half of voters in latest poll”

Without looking at the figures, does that imply an increase or a decrease in support? There’s no way misleading headlines like that can go unnoticed in RTÉ.

The Irish establishment always provide great subject matter for a game of “Disingenuous or Dim?”.


3. An Cathaoirleach - November 27, 2016

Rather than look at individual polls in isolation, perhaps a quick read of an an analysis by Michael Taft from two weeks ago, would be better.

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paulculloty82 - November 27, 2016

In addition, the traditional achilles heel of the left and centre-left parties remains, namely the absence of a strong national constituency network. SF have one presently, across both rural and urban areas, while both Labour and the Greens face the stiff task of rebuilding theirs. The Soc Dems are reportedly 50% complete in their branch rollout, but the vast preponderance of their base is in Dublin, a similar problem to AAA-PBP.


6to5against - November 27, 2016

I read that piece but I thought it was maybe a bit pessimistic. I take his point about the rise over the last few months. But compared to 20 or 10 years ago, the story is surely the slow collapse of the conservative parties.
Though, sadly, it hasn’t really been replaced by anything coherent….


CMK - November 27, 2016

That implies the Right since 1922 has been ‘coherent’? I don’t think there is much evidence for that. Recurrent economic disasters are the hallmark of the Irish Right and we are, tragically, witnessing another one now with the housing crisis.


6to5against - November 27, 2016

Surely ‘coherent’ didn’t read as being an endorsement of 80 years of conservative hegemony. I meant it in the sense of ‘sticking together’.


Pasionario - November 29, 2016

But it’s an important point. The success of right-wing politics is often based on tolerance for high levels of incoherence. That way you can appeal to conflicting interest groups. Look at Thatcher. Look at Trump!


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