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Politicized science? November 27, 2016

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We kind of do the science and tech stuff at the weekend, and sadly look what’s elbowed its way in, yeah – Trump and all his works.

Bob Walker, a senior Trump campaign adviser, said there was no need for Nasa to do what he has previously described as “politically correct environmental monitoring”.
“We see Nasa in an exploration role, in deep space research,” Walker told the Guardian. “Earth-centric science is better placed at other agencies where it is their prime mission.
“My guess is that it would be difficult to stop all ongoing Nasa programs but future programs should definitely be placed with other agencies. I believe that climate research is necessary but it has been heavily politicized, which has undermined a lot of the work that researchers have been doing. Mr Trump’s decisions will be based upon solid science, not politicized science.”

Who is Bob Walker?

Robert Walker — former chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology and former chairman of the Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry — who was brought in to serve as the campaign’s space policy advisor.

And here’s more.

Let’s hope this voice from NASA is correct which GW linked to during the week.

Gavin Schmidt, a climate scientist and director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, which studies the changing atmosphere, says that it won’t be simple for Trump to purge federal agencies of climate researchers during his presidency.
“Chopping off science just to prevent people from talking about climate change won’t work,” Schmidt told Business Insider. “You need science for hazards, for weather forecasting, and climate comes along for the ride.”


1. mobfilms - November 27, 2016

I followed this story a bid round the web this week. Turns out the Schmidt guy is NASAs premiere expert on the scary situation wrt Ice cover in the arctic. It also turns out that Brietbart have been sicced on him and I would bet Trump administration will follow: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/11/23/trump-nasa-hasta-la-vista-climate-fraud-muslim-outreach/

Best info on the very scary story about Arctic Ice I’ve found: https://twitter.com/ZLabe


Gewerkschaftler - November 28, 2016


Dissident (Majority) scientists will be purged. Why does that sound familiar?

Political science indeed. The theory of evolution by natural selection up next? Skull-measuring and ‘racial science’ back?

I’m still not clicking on a Breitbart link though. 😉


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