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Signs of Hope – A continuing series December 1, 2016

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A new month, and thankfully November is behind us. So, what to look forward to for December?


1. Gewerkschaftler - December 1, 2016

The potential for human development when we can sabotage the enclosure of the intellectual and technical commons is huge:

Here high school students succeeded in producing the anti-malarial and HIV drug Daraprim.

The price of which was recently massively increased (5000%) by the hedge fund turd Martin Shkreli.

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2. Gewerkschaftler - December 2, 2016
3. benmadigan - December 2, 2016

some good news for the Derry 4 – innocent teenagers whose lives were disrupted many years ago by charges of murdering an English soldier



4. sonofstan - December 5, 2016

Coming through Victoria this morning after chaos at Gatwick and people from ASLEF and RMU were leafleting commuters about the impending strikes on Southern Rail – people were taking them, indicating support, and generally appeared to be onside. Clearly understanding that it’s the company that’s causing the problem, not the unions.


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