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Interesting, but pointless? December 2, 2016

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The messing around with the electoral college.

A teenager from Washington state has become the seventh person to indicate that she will break ranks with party affiliation and become a “faithless elector” in an attempt to prevent Donald Trump being formally enshrined as president-elect when the electoral college meets on 19 December.
Levi Guerra, 19, from Vancouver, Washington, is set to announce that she is joining the ranks of the so-called “Hamilton electors” at a press conference at the state capitol in Olympia on Wednesday.


1. Starkadder - December 2, 2016

I don’t think the “faithless electors” will be able to stop the Republicans taking the Presidential office, especially as the majority of electors seem in favour of confirming Trump. Also, many states have laws to punish “faithless electors”.

The only way I can see this working is if the EC says the Republicans have to choose another Presidential candidate instead of Trump-in which case expect an almighty ruckus to break out, and the Orange One and his fanatics to bring back the “rigged elections” chant.

Meanwhile, consider the irony of an institution the Founding Fathers intended to protect against dangerous demagogues, instead handing power to such a demagogue.


2. Starkadder - December 2, 2016
3. CL - December 2, 2016

Meanwhile at Trump Tower:

‘Nearly nude as usual, the cowboy in recent weeks has posed with potential cabinet members in the lobby, sung original ditties alongside top advisers..
As dignitaries and curiosity-seekers roamed the lobby, one man stood in a corner, reading aloud from “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn,…
The lobby, though guarded with dogs, a magnetometer and heavily armed police officers, is still open to the public…
he is joined by a man wearing a plush hat shaped like an emoji representing feces….The most popular features the slogan “Dump Trump” and depicts Mr. Trump’s head in the form of droppings.


4. CL - December 3, 2016

“In Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Ms Stein got 51,463, 49,678, and 31,006 votes respectively, whereas Mr Trump won by a margin of 10,704, 46,765, and 22,177 in the same states, new figures show.”


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