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Far-right defeat in Austria? December 4, 2016

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After last time I’m not counting my chickens, but so far so good.

If confirmed, the margin of Van der Bellen’s forecast win over Hofer in Austria is a major surprise.

Polls in the run-up to the vote had the two candidates neck-and-neck, with several putting the far-right Freedom party’s Hofer ahead. But the first official results, released minutes ago, show the independent with 53.5% of the vote, with Hofer 46.4%.


1. Aonrud ⚘ - December 4, 2016

Looks like he’s lost it, which is good news. Still, 47% of Austrians are willing to vote for the far right…


CL - December 4, 2016

The Trump unreality show may be having a sobering effect in Europe.


2. GW - December 4, 2016

Very good news.

Van der Bellen (of true mixed European parentage – Dutch/Russian & Estonian) fought a year long campaign on a relentlessly pro-European, anti-nationalist and anti-racist basis. After the first count was declared invalid (Austria still has a functioning judiciary, unlike places where the fascist spectrum are in control – Hungary & Poland) he made a point of campaigning on the more conservative rural areas outside the cities and this is where he increased his lead, gaining a victory in at least 200 local communities.

The grinning face of right-wing populism let his guard down very occasionally during the election to expose the lumpen racism that drives him, and his people haven’t gone away – the next parliamentary elections in Austria in 2018 could be very worrying if the rise of the fascist spectrum isn’t halted in France and the Netherlands.

But a good day, none the less.

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3. GW - December 4, 2016

74% participation in the election with the postal votes still to be counted and included. I seem to remember that they favoured van der Bellen last time, but I may be wrong there.


4. GW - December 4, 2016

Details here at ORF if you want to drill down into very local levels in Austria.


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