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They did what? December 5, 2016

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From the Guardian.

[Russian Federation] Communist MPs sent a letter to the communications oversight and state consumer protection agencies complaining that the popular EA Sports football game, which is rated all ages, “invites users to support the English football premier league’s Rainbow Laces action, a massive campaign in support of LGBT”, Izvestia newspaper reported.


According to the 2013 law, such propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations can cause “harm to children’s health and development”, the letter said.

I’m presuming they were from this formation.


1. damonmatthewwise - December 5, 2016

Oh Geez. What total and utter morans. Get them written back that they are in breach with UN Conventions which respect persons rights to support those with different marriage and sexual preferences. They should have themselves locked up for anti- GLBTI discrimination and xenophobia.

Even religious leaders do not condemn people from being themselves, so hope they catch some common sense, and vaccinate themselves against social paranoia.

Those who are and feel they way they are is natural, and cannot catch it, unlike their ignorance and hatred.

Such behaviour makes the world more determined to stand side by side with the GLBTI community as people with Disabilities, elderly and young, and stand up against such obvious nationalist hatred, lest we all be beaten up and locked up for being autistic, or have left handedness, or some other natural genetic feature their stupidity regards as corrupting the young …

I am just back today from Scotland from EGP Convention and first-handed witnessed UKIP Xenophobia in action and the intercultural work done by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community worldwide in combatting hatred and extremism.

Can you publish the names of the Russian MEPs so we can write letters to them via the Russian embassy?

As Ireland’s National Secretary/CEO of NCPD (National Council of People with Disabilities) and National Coordinator/Advocate of ICAAN, the ASAN for Ireland (Irish Autistic Network), my civic duty demands that I must support equality groups on behalf of Disability and Autistic Community, as we are all generated diverse hominids of the Earth.

Damon Matthew Wise Âû


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