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What is to be done? December 7, 2016

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Robert Troy, FF Transport spokesman, has some questions for Shane Ross about transport…

Fianna Fáil spokesman on transport Robert Troy said his party were totally opposed to any reduction in bus services or compulsory job losses. He said Bus Éireann is losing business to the private sector and the company is not responding adequately enough.

But precious few answers.

“You could question whether he is taking this seriously at all. We cannot have a situation develop here where connectivity is at risk. Rural services have already been decimated. Mr Ross now needs to examine the subsidies available to the company and how they can be better used,” he added.

Better using subsidies, if said subsidies aren’t sufficient to cover the range of services Bus Éireann is meant to provide, or if private operators are eating into BE’s business? How does that work? And this isn’t just special pleading on behalf of BE – for the IT notes that the latest report on that organisation determined that a good €100m is necessary for it to just continue as is.

It’s very typical of a lot of FF rhetoric which dances up to the edge of a critique but then backs away rapidly from the implications of it.

And if there’s a push to privatisation, or fare increases, one can only imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth from FF. All to no avail. And if they’re in government they’ll be leading that process.

Meanwhile, speaking of underfunding, stamps are going up in price.

This would represent the third rise in the price of stamps in the past two years but David McRedmond, chief executive of An Post, said the increase coupled with cost savings of €10 million should enable the company to reach breakeven in 2017.

Of course adequately funding these services could never be an option, could it?


1. EWI - December 7, 2016

This is the only (designed?) outcome from private operators being allowed to cherry-pick the most profitable BÉ routes. That’s the reality that needs to be hammered, time and time again.


Aonrud ⚘ - December 7, 2016

Exactly. If BÉ have to compete on routes between the cities, and can no longer use them to subsidise the rural routes that they rightly are obliged to run for public service, that’s not “competition”, it’s intentionally crippling BÉ.


2. CMK - December 7, 2016

What’s pathetic about the whole situation with Bus Eireann and Irish Rail is that the amounts of public funding needed to clear their deficits and injected needed investment are probably less than what a mid-range unsecured Anglo bondholder got paid between 2010-2015 from money raised by the Irish government.

Bus Eireann lost 59 million euro last year and is projected to lose the same again next year. These sums are a pittance in terms of the overall budget but to listen to RTE etc you’d come away with the impression they were colossal sums.

Finance capital is eating our society alive.


fergal - December 7, 2016

Likes to ewi, aonrud and cmk. You can also add ‘family income supplement’ to bus drivers on private routes who don’t get a decent wage- the state subsidising its ‘competition’…betcha the private sector wouldn’t do it….
Ross- what does he know about public transport???
Car ownership has exploded in this state over the last fifteen years- ah, the promise of freedom…
When the Greens were interested in these things before they became fianna fail’s little helpers- they used to say that during the Celtic Tiger years for every 100 euros spent on transport 90 went into roads/motorways and 10 into public transport.
Has anyone been on a motorway during the day? There’s nobody on them, they’re empty…cost-benefit analysis, how are yeah?
Back to Anglo and the banks- it’s almost the new original sin, sin, isn’t it? I wonder what kind of public transport we’d have if we invested some of the 64 billion (?) into public transport?


3. ivorthorne - December 8, 2016

FF divides its time between the interests of the public and the interests of big business. The public get the moaning piece of that particular pie while big business gets the action time.

FF seem to try to suggest that – somehow – it is just poor management on the part of the (non-FF) government or the state/semi-state bodies (when FF are in government) that results in these negative outcomes and that otherwise privatising public services and corporate welfare are the way to go.


4. thenoisymansion - December 9, 2016

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