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UK workers in a time of Brexit December 8, 2016

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From yesterday… and Tory MPs, John Whittingdale and Michael Gove, suggesting to the CBI business group that:

…companies should start drawing up a list of regulations they want to see abolished or reformed.

Such as?

Gove highlighted a government-commissioned report by Marc Bolland, the former chief executive of Marks & Spencer, which ran through a list of EU employment protections it would like to see withdrawn or changed including pregnant worker proposals, the agency workers directive, the acquired rights directive and the working time directive.

Oh, there’s lip service paid to the ‘concerns of the TUC’ but…

John Longworth, the former chair of the British Chamber of Commerce, who campaigned to leave, told the committee that he thought the “opportunities for deregulation are legion”.

“Some of it will be to do with employment rights. Some of it will be to do with the fact that people might not be allowed to do overtime that they wish to do,” he said, citing lorry drivers as an example.

Jesus. Christ.


1. sonofstan - December 8, 2016

Lorry drivers?!

In my experience, they are totally on board with the tachometer regs etc. and not whining about missed overtime. do the tories really want asleep at the wheel drivers with 40 foot trailers on the motorway?


WorldbyStorm - December 8, 2016

It’s just rhetoric, isn’t it. But a bit like Trump, rhetoric with political force behind it.


2. GW - December 8, 2016

Which is precisely what some of us were warning about Brexit. It will be used by the Tories and the class interests they represent as an opportunity to slash and burn what worker and citizen protection exists.

And contrary to the Lexiteers’ imaginings there are not at the moment sufficient forces on the left and trades unions to prevent this in the UK.


sonofstan - December 8, 2016

As i noted the other day, there is surprising – at least to the tabloids – level of public support for the unions on the tube and with regard to Southern Rail. I suspect people feel that the workers are more likely to have the passengers’ interests at heart that the companies


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