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Lovely – not. December 9, 2016

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From the Guardian – out and about on the campaign trail in Sleaford and North Hykeham.

Victoria Ayling, a county councillor standing for Ukip, believes this argument will not wash with voters, and accuses her Tory opponent of not wanting a quick enough Brexit. At the same time, she dismisses the Labour candidate for voting remain and Jeremy Corbyn for “slagging off our armed forces and coming over like a complete traitor”.


1. Mick Hall - December 9, 2016

Ukip are showing their true colours under Nuttall, which if sensibly challenged gives an opportunity for Corbyn LP to hack them down. There main watch words today are Patriotism, defence and crime.
They have almost nothing to say about austerity, deregulation or privatisation of NHS as the new leader supports all three.

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Mick 2 - December 10, 2016

But “patriotism” and “law and order” are electorally popular in England. I’d agree that Nuttall (even to look at, which does count for something) is every bit the BNP heavy (although his CV is atypical), as opposed to Diane James, who, had she not quit, one would think would have been electorally a much more normalising and de-demonising force.

That said, I’m not even sure UKIP needs a more “mainstream” leader to be successful: the mainstreaming of unchecked racism and the scapegoating of “benefits” claimants, both zealously encouraged by a still very influential tabloid and tabloid-posing-as-broadsheet press, can’t be overstated. Having lived in England for a short stint recently, the sheer extent of this came as a continuous culture shock to me.

The refusal of Corbyn to submit in this regard, while facing pressure from within a labour party no less to “talk about immigration” (read: blame immigrants for everything) is hugely commendable, if only by the lamentable standards of British public “debate” on the matter.


WorldbyStorm - December 10, 2016

Very much agree Mick2. And I had a similar sense of the overall dynamics having lived in London in the 90s and then returning to the UK regularly during the last decade of how the situation was worsening. A first straw in the wind for me was the hostility to ‘chavs’ which then seemed to transfer at least in part to immigrants.

You’re right there is a popularity in respect of those concepts. It will be instructive to see how far that takes them and how much it damages Corbyn. The worst are the LP types calling for UKIP lite stuff. I don’t know. Does it all become a situation of hunker down and wait until the storm has passed and it is evident that Brexit and border controls aren’t the answer to all the problems they’re supposed to address.


2. Mick 2 - December 10, 2016

Ha ha, “slagging off” the armed forces. As if he stuck his tongue out at them and called them poofs.


sonofstan - December 10, 2016

Headline in the Mail yesterday, outraged at ‘human rights lawyers’ (Scum!) going after ‘the bravest of the brave’ (our boys!). I.e. the Mail wants an army completely unchecked by considerations of law or civilisation. What does that remind you of? (begins with ‘F’)

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3. Mick Hall - December 10, 2016

Apparently they have lost upwards of 13 thousand members since Brexit, a big chunk of their membership. Britain has always been a bit of a racist place, Ireland too me thinks, what has happened in the last five or so years here it’s become OK to express these wretched ideas publicly.

The working class were abandoned and used by new Labour and it will take time for LP to rebuild trust. Under Nuttall Ukip have become emboldened and now say publicly what they have always said privately. But at the same time the Tories have also moved to the right on societal issues. For example the reason Nuttall left the Tory party no longer exist because under May it’s moved to the right on social issues. So why would anyone join UKIP today?

I will give you an example in my area they have been acting like Tomcats spraying Union Jacks across the borough and slagging off on local social media anyone who raises doubts about such behavior.

Now it is not only lefties like me who are challenging their right to do this, but now also the local authority and members of the British legion, who believe traditionally the flag should only be flown on special occasions like Queen’s birthday, armistice day and the odd street party which celebrates such occasions.

Slowly slowly ring the neck of the monkey -;)


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