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Godspeed, John Glenn December 10, 2016

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Given the week that was in it…John Glenn (1921-2016) didn’t actually hear the famous phrase above…

As mission control performed its final system checks, test conductor Tom O’Malley initiated the launch sequence, adding a personal prayer, “May the good Lord ride all the way,” to which Carpenter, the backup astronaut for the mission, added, “Godspeed, John Glenn.” Carpenter later explained that he had come up with the phrase on the spot, but its did hold significance for most test pilots and astronauts: “In those days, speed was magic…and nobody had gone that fast. If you can get that speed, you’re home-free.” The phrase soon became part of the public consciousness, but Glenn himself didn’t hear Carpenter’s comment until he had returned to Earth. Due to a glitch in Glenn’s radio, Carpenter’s microphone wasn’t on his frequency.

Glenn was an interesting character beyond space science and exploration – famously Democrat, I hadn’t realised he was a friend of Robert Kennedy and with him when he was assassinated. And here’s some information on other astronauts and cosmonauts who went on to political careers.


1. roddy - December 10, 2016

No astronauts followed political careers up here but quite a few “space cadets” entered the political arena!


2. anarchaeologist - December 11, 2016


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