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This Weekend I’ll Mostly be Listening to… The KVB (and Regis, Silent Servant, Shifted and other remixes of The KVB) December 10, 2016

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If I was thirty years younger I think I would love this outfit with a passion – The KVB, UK based, about six years old and formed by female/male duo Kat Day and Nick Wood.

As it is I very much admire their ability to mould post-punk, and a particular strand of it, that being late Joy Division and very early New Order with more than a hint of Jesus and Mary Chain into a satisfying blend with something their own added to the mix which makes it more than simple emulation.

Consider Of Desire, released this year. On it there are approaches reminiscent of the Soft Moon, perhaps A Place to Bury Strangers, perhaps even Crystal Stilts but where those groups tend to be upfront both conceptually and in terms of the music, percussion, basslines, perhaps bombast too, there’s something a little more restrained about the KVB.

Perhaps it is in the, on occasion, mixed female and male vocals, or the odd instrumental here and there or the electronica inflected percussion and basslines.

Then again from time to time they let rip, with unexpectedly aggressive guitar sounds that are drawn from the heavier end of psychedelia. Small wonder they’ve built a cadre of supporters including apparently Brian Jonestown Massacre and Sonic Boom amongst others. And that’s interesting because it’s not difficult to see all those mentioned mining a certain seam of music. But it is not limited to that. Some years back – and this is how I heard of them, some of the Sandwell District electronica collective were involved amongst others in remixes of an earlier set of works – good remixes too though perhaps a little too close to the originals. That they were brought in makes sense. Silent Servant’s devotion to the minimalism of post-punk is telling. There’s some of that here – that sense of the space between being as important at times as all the rest.

In a way a lot of this area reminds me, as it did in the 1980s with the JAMC, of goth but as with them and similar groups it very deliberately eschews the baroque connotations of that term. Sure there’s the same minor key deliberations, a similar lyrical despond but whereas goth can seem at times to revel in parody this sort of music is less self-conscious, more determined to be serious, more adult (though BMJ aren’t averse to fecking around a bit).

Of Desire (and by the by a none more Factory 1982 album name – natch) exemplifies all the above. A lot to enjoy if you like this kind of music.

White Walls

Night Games




Sandwell District and others remixes

Dayzed (Regis Version)

Part to the Light Machine (Silent Servant Version)

I Only See The Lights (Shifted Version)


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