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Sunday Independent Sensible Statement of the Week December 11, 2016

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Our usual correspondent is on leave. So what is there to do but attempt to find something at least half-sensible in all the mess. No need to ask what the Independent is leading strong with, but this here from Gene Kerrigan is a dispassionate analysis of some fairly tawdry goings on in the Dáil this week.

I don’t have a problem with what some see as “abusing Dail privilege”. It may, on occasion, be necessary to use Dail privilege to enlighten people with information that might otherwise be forever hidden.

I hadn’t followed the Stack case and didn’t know if this was one of those instances, but, listening to my radio, I accepted that Mr Farrell acted in good conscience.

The Dail record suggests otherwise.

Any examples of less sensible statements welcome.


1. Tomboktu - December 11, 2016

Forgive me for not dealing with the sensibility of other statements in the Sunday Independent, and dealing with the naming under privilege.

The report this morning that Mattie McGrath was asked by a journalist to name under Dáil privilege two Sinn Féin TDs merits investigation. If that is what led Deputy Farrell to do so, we have a problem.

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RosencrantzisDead - December 11, 2016

I agree. I find it very telling that it was a journalist who attempted to suborn McGrath into naming them. For what purpose? Headlines?

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Tomboktu - December 11, 2016

Possibly. But a journalist’s (possibly stereotyped) instinct is for the scoop, and naming in the Dáil lets every other journalist get your scoop.


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