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Mainstream… December 15, 2016

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Great quote CL pointed to from Julian Barnes here:

“Back when I was young, Jeremy Corbyn’s views would have seemed mainstream Labour.”-Julian Barnes

Isn’t that a perfect example of how far the pendulum has swung to the right in the past forty or fifty years? I mentioned before. In 1976 I travelled from Dublin to London by ferry and train, stayed in a hotel in London, then across the Channel to Paris, then to Marseille. Everything was state owned. There was nothing odd about that, no sense that that was wrong. And it jibes with a point Angela Nagel made on the Zero Books podcast about state intervention in the economy in relation to Trump. That prior to Trump the idea of Republicans pouring monies into infrastructure (even at the detached PPP approach Trump appears to be taking) was anathema to the neo-liberals across the last twenty years, and she noted that she herself had to some degree, despite being left-wing, internalised that idea, that it wouldn’t ‘work’. Of course a lot of this is overstated, even today the state, and not just in Ireland or Europe, but also in the US, still has considerable investment in some sectors. Certain sections of the right in Europe, and not just the nationalist/populist right, have a more open attitude to state endeavour. But obviously to lesser extent than, say, the 1970s. The point being that neo-liberalism had an almost hegemonic hold on Republicanism, and further afield in terms of shaping perceptions. And now, that has changed.

It will be very telling if that has a spill over both right and left.


1. Dermot O Connor - December 15, 2016

Norman Tebbit said after 1984 “We didn’t just break the unions, we broke the spell”. The language of magic is a very good way to think about what happened…altering the state of mind of the people for decades.

Of course, the tories didn’t just break the old spell, they cast their own. And that’s going to shatter far more drastically then the 1984 Union movement.

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